Rillito Foundation Internship - Heirloom Farmers Market

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Rillito Park Farmers Market:

Market Ambassador Internship Position


Internship information:

  • Seasons: Spring, February 11 – May 15, 2019 
  • Paid - $11/Hour
  • Semester-long, with opportunity to extend to full year
  • An ideal candidate is one who is interested in continuing through Summer and Fall Semesters.
  • Part-time (6-10 hours weekly)


If interested, please submit a resume and completed application to or by February 1, 2019.


Online application:

About Us:

Heirloom Farmers Markets is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit operating five farmers markets in Southern Arizona. It is our mission to connect, educate, and empower our community to create a vibrant food system that supports local food producers and proprietors.


Since 1998, we’ve been dedicated to promoting local food, improving farm viability, and engaging in the food system. We’re helping to build a food system that honors producers, values good local food and enhances quality of life for Tucson and beyond. Heirloom has grown from its first year with five participating farms to more than 15 farms, 150 vendors and more than 2,200 people attending our Farmers Markets weekly.

Position Summary:

Heirloom Farmers Markets is seeking an intern for a paid, part-time, semester-long position to become a Market Ambassador and to assist in facilitating our food literacy program, Taste of the Market.


Taste of the Market (TotM) is a weekly helping of food literacy and education, which enables market customers to learn about the healthy, whole, and local foods that are accessible to them at the farmers market. By engaging visitors in an educational experience, including a taste test of fresh foods, TotM empowers individuals to choose foods that nourish their bodies while supporting small-scale local agriculture and local food producers. Each week’s TotM will have a theme in food literacy that teaches about food production or preparation and will allow all visitors to directly interact with food.


The Farmers Markets Ambassador program is a new addition within our market. Its main goal is to assist in connecting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligible people to markets and helping them feel comfortable using the market and food benefits such as Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) to access healthy foods and increasing their knowledge and skills in how to use that food.


To learn more about Heirloom Farmers Markets visit

Responsibilities as Market Ambassador include:

  • Connecting with SNAP/EBT customers and Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) recipients, as well as customers from diverse backgrounds
  • Answering questions about the market and SNAP/EBT programs at the market
  • Providing tours of the market and providing a clear understanding of where customers can use their benefits at the market
  • Encouraging SNAP/EBT customers to purchase fresh produce by assisting them in creating a shopping list, understanding how to best utilize produce at the market in new recipes, etc.
  • Developing relationships with farmers and food producers to deepen knowledge of the market and to provide accurate information to market customers
  • Creating a safe, inviting, and accessible space for all market customers to feel encouraged and welcome to return to the markets weekly


Responsibilities in assisting Taste of the Market include:

  • Providing direct nutrition education at the market through a quick activity, conversation, and free sample of fresh food made from farmers market ingredients
  • Following food safety protocol and directions of market staff in order to provide safe, fresh samples to all customers


Minimum talents/skills:

  • Ability to connect and communicate with people of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Ability to take initiative and apply a systems leadership approach
  • Ability to show up on time and early in the morning
  • Ability to work as part of a team


Desired talents/skills:

  • Passion for learning about local food systems
  • Bilingual in order to communicate with more customers (not required, but encouraged)
  • Interest in the opportunity to continue in the role of Farmers Market Ambassador through the Summer and Fall Semesters of 2019

Semesters Available



Tucson, AZ

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