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Ralph Steckler (Ralph Steckler Space Grant Colonization Research and Technology Development)

a successful assistant film director and photographer from southern California, maintained a lifelong interest in space colonization. Mr. Steckler left the significant remainder of his estate to NASA which inturn established the NASA Ralph Steckler Space Grant Colonization Research and Technology Development Opportunity. Implementing Mr. Steckler's testamentary direction and to make a lasting impact on the field of space colonization. The grant money supports research and technology development activities that support a sustained human presence in space and develop the basic infrastructure for future space colonies.
Phase I Details: NASA Selects 18 University Proposals for Steckler Space Grants -
Phase II Details: NASA Awards $1.2 Million to Universities for Innovative Research -

The University of Arizona's Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (UA-CEAC)

UA-CEA Center is a multi-discipline platform supporting education, research, and outreach as part of Plant Sciences and Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering programs at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the science and engineering of maximizing plant production, efficiently and environmentally, within a controlled environment. The UA-CEAC, in cooperation with Sadler Machine Co., the UofA department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (UA-AME) and the UofA department of Systems and Industrial Engineering (UA-SIE), have been developing a novel lunar habitat design that can support the establishment of a lunar outpost.
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