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Thales Alenia Space–Italia (TAS-I) Thales Alenia Space–Italia (TAS-I)
Is the premier aerospace manufacturer in Italy and has designed and manufactured 50% of the structural modules of the International Space Station (ISS).
     During Phase I, TAS-I supported an aerospace engineer, Dr. Giorgio Boscheri, to work at UA-CEAC on LGH BLSS for a two-month period (Feb-Mar 2010), and his colleagues in Italy supported the energy flow (MEC) modeling with the data obtained from the closure experiments. Their collaborative efforts in the Phase II will continue as outlined in their letter of commitment.
     During Phase II, TAS-I will enhance the space-oriented insight into the LGH design (system integration), study liquid streams within the composter or alternative technologies, upgrade Phase 1's modified MEC predictive model (failure analysis), evaluate LGH metric (ESM), simulate tests in EDEN plant growth chamber for modeling failure scenarios, and demonstrate the teleoperations/telepresence features of the system.
Dr. Cesare Lobascio
Giorgio Boscheri
Aero-Sekur Aero-Sekur (of Italy)
Is a component manufacturer for the aerospace industry, focused on membrane structures (aircraft fuel bladders), and industrial sewing.
During Phase I, Aero-Sekur have supported our LGH efforts with technical support and engineering assistance. In Phase II, their assistance is in producing a prototype membrane component for the LGH units.
Dr. Silvio Rossignoli
Marzia Pirolli
University of Naples - Federico II University of Naples - Federico II
A collaborative effort between UA (CEAC & AME) and University of Naples has been established with Dr. Stefania DePascale, CAB research leader for crop-environment interaction. She has visited the UA-LGH project and formalized a relationship between the two research groups, which involves research exchange with graduate students.
Phase I investigations established scientific and synergistic interaction in an international collaborative framework.
Dr. Stefania DePascale
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