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Master Gardener Journal  

A New Way of Contributing

by Ron Mark,
Master Gardener

As a Master Gardener, I have experienced firsthand the incredible attitude of volunteerism from Master Gardeners. Being past president of the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association and having served on the boards of other non-profit organizations, I have never seen as much enthusiasm and willingness of people to give of their time.

Champ There has been another "Call for Action." This call for action is far more difficult...the call for monetary support.

An endowment has been set up with The University of Arizona Foundation. The monies contributed will directly benefit the Master Gardening Program. The endowment is not meant to cover the temporary shortfalls that you have recently heard about, but to build on the successes of the Program for the future.

Our company last year started a horticultural service called CHAMP. CHAMP has pledged to donate a mere $1.00 per service call each month to the endowment fund. It is not much now, but it is a start. As our business grows, the contribution will grow. It is also our plan to ask our clients to support the endowment by adding whatever amount they wish to their service amount as their contribution. We have requested that the money that CHAMP sends be spent for the Youth Gardening Program. The Master Gardening Program has given so much to me, and yes I have given some of my time, but now I really feel I can make a difference!

Is there a small way you could contribute to the endowment? Be creative! If you are unable, you may know individuals or companies that would be willing to help. Again be creative, make a list and send the information to Lucy Bradley. You might even contribute by serving on a committee to contact possible donors. Let us know how you can help.

Maricopa County Master Gardener Volunteer Information
Last Updated May 28, 2003
Author: Lucy K. Bradley, Extension Agent Urban Horticulture, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Maricopa County
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