The University of Arizona Timely Tips for December
in the Low Desert

Tip of The Month
Plan ahead. Point of purchase decisions at the nursery are often fatal. Before you leave home identify:
Use one of the excellent tools available to make a list of those plants which meet your needs and whose needs you can meet. When planted in the wrong place, plants become stressed and prone to disease. If they out grow their allotted space, the heavy pruning will result in excessive yard waste going to the landfill and often leads to disease. So make your list and stick with it, don't be tempted by "that fabulous new shade of salmon. . ."

Climate Information for December
in Phoenix, Arizona

Temperature (degrees F):
Note: Rainfall and temperatures vary widely within the valley depending upon elevation and microclimate.

To Do List . . .



Fruit and Nut Trees

Landscape Plants

Don't List . . .
DO NOT increase opportunities for fungal disease on turf by over watering, watering at night, over fertilizing, or mowing when the grass is wet.

DO NOT OVER WATER which will result in root rots. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Frequently Asked Questions
Damage is Noticed on the Fruit

Damage is Noticed on the Leaves

Damage is Noticed on the Stem or Trunk

Damage is Noticed on the Roots

Cultural / Environmental Questions

Insect/Pest Questions

Disease Questions

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Timely Tips for December in the Low Desert
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