The University of Arizona Timely Tips for July
in the Low Desert

Tip of The Month
Had trouble with fungi or nematodes in your garden? This is the time to take care of them. Prepare the bed for fall planting now. Add fertilizer and organic matter, water, and then cover with a large piece of at least 4 mil clear plastic (an old shower curtain works great). Use clear plastic instead of black to allow the sun light through. Use heavy plastic to prevent the sun from degrading it during the process. "Solarize" the infested soil for 6 weeks. Temperatures under the plastic will reach 140 degrees F, killing many fungi spores, nematodes, and weed seeds. Don't worry about your earth worms or other beneficials, they will move out when it starts to heat up, but they'll come back in droves.

Climate Information for July
in Phoenix, Arizona

Temperature (degrees F):
Note: Rainfall and temperatures vary widely within the valley depending upon elevation and microclimate.

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