The University of Arizona Timely Tips for November
in the Low Desert

Tip of The Month
Keep your garden tools clean and sharp. Some plant diseases can be spread on tools. Hose soil off of garden tools before moving to another area of the landscape. Sterilize pruning tools after each and every cut if there is any chance the plant is infected with a disease. A dull saw is much more dangerous than sharp one. When the saw is sharp, gentle pressure is all it takes to make a clean cut. If it is dull, force is required and serious injury can occur if it slips. Sharp tools make for clean wounds which heal quickly. Take care of your tools, they will last longer and so will you and your plants!

Climate Information for November
in Phoenix, Arizona

Temperature (degrees F):
Note: Rainfall and temperatures vary widely within the valley depending upon elevation and microclimate.

To Do List . . .



Fruit and Nut Trees

Landscape Plants

Don't List . . .

Do not increase opportunities for fungal disease on turf by over watering or watering at night.

DO NOT OVER WATER which will result in root rots. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Frequently Asked Questions
Damage is Noticed on the Fruit

Damage is Noticed on the Leaves

Damage is Noticed on the Stem or Trunk

Damage is Noticed on the Roots

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