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Finding A Resource or Expert in the College

Listed below, by department and special, selected topic areas, are faculty and personnel who may be contacted for specific information. For a list of departmental homepages, see our list of CALS Departments.

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Department Contacts:

Academic Departments and Schools

top Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
(irrigation and water resource engineering,
biosystems/biological engineering and bio-environmental engineering
Donald C. Slack, Department Head
(520) 621-1607
top Agricultural and Resource Economics
(agricultural and resource problems, management of farms, ranches, and agribusiness firms, resource and environmental economics)
Gary Thompson , Interim Department Head
(520) 621-6249
top Agricultural Education
(teacher education, agricultural technology management)
Jack Elliot, Department Head
(520) 621-7173
top Animal Sciences
(production, marketing, and utilization of animals in agriculture, entertainment, and companionship; biological processes involved in genetics, nutrition, and reproduction; racing and livestock management)
Ron Allen, Department Head
(520) 621-7626
top Office of Arid Lands Studies
(remote sensing, natural resources development and management, desertification monitoring and control, water and energy conservation, farming systems research, technology transfer, land use planning, and economic development)
Chuck Hutchinson, Director 621-8568
top Entomology
(insects, physiology and systematics, plant protection)
Bruce Tabashnik, Department Head
(520) 621-1151
top Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences
(Retailing and Consumer Sciences: fashion soft goods, food, general merchandise, and services, international retail businesses, multicultural businesses and social issues affecting retailers; Family Studies and Human Development: life management, family life education)
Soyeon Shim, Director
(520) 621-1075
top Nutritional Sciences
(nutrition and food safety, clinical dietetics, community nutrition, food service management)
Linda Houtkooper, Department Head
(520) 621-1186
top Plant Sciences
(plant-related sciences and agriculture, plant growth and development, genetics and biotechnology, horticulture, crops, plant products, turfgrass)
Robert T. Leonard, Department Head
(520) 621-1977
top Plant Pathology/Microbiology Division
(plant diseases, mycology, nematology, virology, microbiology and epidemiology; plant-microbe interactions)
Leland Pierson , Division Head
(520) 621-9419
top School of Renewable Natural Resources
(range management, watershed management, wildlife and fisheries, landscape assessment and analysis, rangeland science)
Lisa J. Graumlich , Director
(520) 621-7257
top Soil, Water and Environmental Science
(environmental science, soil science, water quality and soil-plant-nutrient-water relationships)
Jeffrey C. Silvertooth, Department Head
(520) 621-1646
top Veterinary Science and Microbiology
(animal health and disease, food safety and border health issues. veterinary diagnostic laboratory)
James Collins, Department Head
(520) 621-2355

County Extension Locations

top Apache
St. Johns
Joyce Alves, County Extension Director
(928) 337-2267
top Cochise
Susan Pater, County Extension Director
(520) 384-3594
Sierra Vista
(520) 458-8278
top Coconino
Beth Tucker, County Extension Director
(928) 774-1868
top Gila
Jim Sprinkle, County Extension Director
(520) 425-7179
(928) 474-4160
top Graham
(928) 428-2611
top Greenlee
(928) 359-2261
top La Paz
Linda Masters, County Extension Director
(928) 669-9843
top Maricopa
Cynthia Flynn, Acting County Extension Director
(602) 470-8086
top Mohave
Rob Grumbles, County Extension Director
(928) 753-3788
top Navajo
Stephen Cambell, County Extension Director
(928) 524-6271
top Pima
Cynthia Flynn, County Extension Director
(520) 626-5161
Green Valley
(520) 648-0808
top Pinal
Casa Grande
Rick Gibson, County Extension Director
(520) 836-5221
top Santa Cruz
Dean Fish, County Extension Director
(520) 761-7849
top Yavapai
Jeff Schalau, County Extension Director
(928) 445-6590
(928) 646-9113
top Yuma
Victoria Steinfelt, County Extension Director
(928) 726-3904
Topic Areas:

Topic Areas

topAnimal Industry
John Marchello
Animal Sciences

(520) 318-7021
Kevin Fitzsimmons
Environmental Reseach Lab

(520) 626-3324
top Biotechnology
Randy Ryan
Plant Sciences
(520) 621-1845
top Bt Cotton
Bruce Tabashnik
(520) 621-1151
top Crops and Growers
top Family Studies
Angela R. Taylor
Family Studies and Human Development
(520) 621-7127
top Food and Nutrition
Linda Houtkouper
Nutritional Sciences
(520) 621-1186
topFoot and Mouth Disease
Robert D. Glock
Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
(520) 621-2356
topForestry and Forest Health
Thomas DeGomez
Statewide Extension Forest Health Specialist
(928) 523-8385
top Gardening - Maricopa County
Terry H. Mikel
Maricopa County
(602) 470-8086, ext. 310
top  Gardening - Pima County
John Begeman
Pima County
(520) 626-5161
top  Gardening - Yavapai County
Jeff Schalau
Yavapai County 
(928) 445-6590
top Insects
Carl Olson
(520) 621-5925
top Mad Cow Disease
Jim Collins
Veterinary Science and Microbiology
(520) 621-4466
top Microbiology (Cell Research)
Charles Sterling
Veterinary Science and Microbiology
(520) 621-4580
top American Indian Programs
Joe Hiller
(520) 621-9621
top Plant Genetics
Dennis T. Ray
Plant Sciences
(520) 621-7612
top Rangelands
top Retailing
Melinda Burke
Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing
(520) 621-1715
top Soils
Soils, Water, and Environmental Science
(520) 621-1646
topWest Nile Virus
Jim Collins
Veterinary Science and Microbiology
(520) 621-4466
Return to top Administrative Offices
Office of the Dean
Eugene G. Sander, Dean
(520) 621-7621
Office of Academic Programs
David E. Cox, Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs
(520) 621-3611
Office of Research
Colin Kaltenbach, Vice Dean and Director Arizona Experiment Station
(520) 621-7201
Cooperative Extension
Jim Christenson, Associate Dean & Director of Cooperative Extension
(520) 621-7205
State 4-H Office
Lisa Lauxman , Acting Assistant Director, Arizona 4-H Youth Development
(520) 621-5316



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