Curator: Dr. A. Elizabeth (Betsy) Arnold

Betsy studies the diversity, ecology, and systematics of microfungi, especially fungal endophytes of tropical trees.She completed her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with Dr. Lucinda McDade at the University of Arizona in 2002. Following a two-year NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in mycology at Duke University, she joined the faculty in the Division of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Department of Plant Sciences, at the UA in January, 2005.

To contact Betsy:

Betsy Arnold

In memoriam:
Curator Emeritus: Dr. Robert L. Gilbertson

Robert L. Gilbertson (Gil), a mentor, colleague, teacher, mycologist, and friend to many, passed away at home in October 2011.  We thank all who have contacted us in remembrance of Gil, and are pleased to share in reflections on his exceptional contributions to mycology, his wonderful mentorship of many young mycologists, and the warmth and vibrant personality he shared with all of us. Those interested in remembering Gil through contributions to the Robert L. Gilbertson Mycological Herbarium or the Gilbertson Graduate Fellowship Endowment at the UA should contact Betsy at the address above.

Curatorial assistant, Dr. Jana U'Ren

Jana completed her BA in Biology at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2001 and Ph.D. in Plant Pathology and Microbiology at the University of Arizona in 2011. Before starting graduate school she worked with Dr. Brandon Gaut at the University of California-Irvine and at the Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics at Northern Arizona University. Her work focuses on the evolution and diversity of endophytic and endolichenic fungi at multiple spatial scales.

Curatorial assistant, Kayla Arendt

Kayla earned her BS in Biology and Genetics from UW-Madison in 2009. While there she worked with Sara Patterson to study genes regulating cellular abscission in Arabidopsis thaliana. Kayla is working on projects associated with fungal biodiversity in boreal, temperate, and tropical ecosystems.

Student assistant, Brittany Wohl

Brittany is leading our reorganization and relabeling effort and has been instrumental in bringing our database up to speed. She also was responsible for much of the heavy lifting as we shifted our unaccessioned specimens and ancillary collections to and from storage during our carriage/cabinet installation.

Student assistant, Courtney Klopper

Courtney is leading our effort to scan and database our photographic slide collection and is assisting with our relabeling and reorganization efforts.

Alumni, 2005-present

Thanks to our many student- and curatorial assistants for their hard work in the Herbarium. From databasing our slides to repackaging specimens, sending out loans, protecting our collection from pests, updating our database, and assembling our teaching collection, your hard work is much appreciated.

Hilary Brown, Vanessa Chicharello, MM Nandi Devan,
Emily Hendershot
, Phornpoj Imtarakamhang, Melissa
Kohmetscher, Rebecca Porter, Janneth Fabiola Santos,
Darren Stensrud, Erika Untch, Maxwell Xiong

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