CALS Spring 2020 Honors List - Dean's List

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

CALS recognizes the following students who have made the Honors List for Spring 2020. Click to view the CALS students recognized on the Dean's List with Distinction.

Dean's List

Marissa Abeyta  (Nutritional Sciences)
Jasmine Abner  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Marlee Absalon  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Crystal Akpede  (Nutritional Sciences)
Taylor Albert  (Veterinary Science)
Isabella Ali  (Microbiology)
Jeanna Allen  (Natural Resources)
Stephen Allen  (Nutritional Sciences)
Amariah Almquist  (Veterinary Science)
Kage Anderson  (Environmental Sciences)
Keian Anderson  (Environmental Sciences)
Olivia Anderson  (Nutritional Sciences)
Nicole Antes  (Nutritional Sciences)
Rodrigo Arana  (Microbiology)
Avianna Aranjo  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Zoe Armbruster  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Ricardo Armenta  (Nutritional Sciences)
Grace Aroz  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Zheyu Bao  (Nutritional Sciences)
Ashley Barnes  (Veterinary Science)
Viviana Beltran  (Environmental Sciences)
Justin Billy  (Microbiology)
Baylee Bishopp  (Nutritional Sciences)
Taylor Bonn  (Nutritional Sciences)
Eleanora Bosch  (Nutritional Sciences)
Zachary Bristow  (Veterinary Science)
Courtney Bryant  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Alexandra Buchanan  (Nutritional Sciences)
Nicole Buchanan  (Nutritional Sciences)
Michelle Burns  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Lauren Burrow  (Veterinary Science)
Jolene Buschbacher  (Animal Sciences)
Ryan Byrne  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Dominic Camargo  (Nutritional Sciences)
Kiley  Cammarata  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Bridget Campbell  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Joseph Campbell  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Lorena Canez  (Animal Sciences)
Catherine  Canupp  (Microbiology)
Kristi Carbone  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Abigail Carl  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Emma Casamassima  (Microbiology)
Steven Chadaris  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Nicole  Chasey  (Veterinary Science)
Ashley Christensen  (Nutritional Sciences)
Vanessa Claude  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jacob Colville  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Kassidy Conroy  (Nutritional Sciences)
Courtney Consolian  (Veterinary Science)
Alexandra Contreras  (Nutritional Sciences)
Christine Cornish  (Nutritional Sciences)
Melanie Coronado  (Veterinary Science)
Camryn Craig  (Veterinary Science)
Keleigh Crane  (Nutritional Sciences)
Luis Cruz Manalisay  (Veterinary Science)
Ashanti Dalton  (Veterinary Science)
Samantha Dalton  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sarah Damato  (Animal Sciences)
Mya Dang  (Nutritional Sciences)
Hunter Davis  (Nutritional Sciences)
Maddalyn Deitchman  (Nutritional Sciences)
Gianni Delio  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Reece Denmeade  (Environmental Sciences)
Sydney Dicker  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Tayla Dionne  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Jordynn Dixon  (Nutritional Sciences)
Alison Do  (Veterinary Science)
Lani Dumas  (Nutritional Sciences)
Demi Rae Dunham  (Animal Sciences)
Abigail Emmerling  (Nutritional Sciences)
Brandon Enger  (Natural Resources)
Mateo Escamilla  (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Bianca Estrada  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Rachel Evans  (Veterinary Science)
Rachel Faber  (Nutritional Sciences)
Samantha Falasco  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Kaylee Faria  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Colleen Feaman  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Jessica Ferrara  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Christian Fetsis  (Nutritional Sciences)
Dominic Fiore  (Nutrition and Food Systems)
Vanessa Fisch  (Nutritional Sciences)
Andrew Flores  (Environmental Sciences)
Jessica Freifeld  (Nutritional Sciences)
Danira Galvez  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jazmin Galvez  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Dominique Garcia  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jennifer Garnica  (Nutritional Sciences)
Natasha George  (Veterinary Science)
Hailey Gerrans  (Nutritional Sciences)
Robert Gerriets  (Nutritional Sciences)
Brittney Gil  (Veterinary Science)
Erin Giles  (Nutritional Sciences)
Megan Goldammer  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Isabella Goldstein  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Megan Gomez  (Animal Sciences)
Thelma Gonzalez  (Biosystems Engineering)
Yaritza Gonzalez  (Nutritional Sciences)
Ellenor Gordon  (Nutritional Sciences)
Jessica Graham  (Biosystems Engineering)
Katie Gronbach  (Veterinary Science)
Michael Gu  (Personal & Family Financial Planning)
Annika Guenther  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Dulce Guzman  (Nutritional Sciences)
Kaylee Haddad  (Nutritional Sciences)
Brigid Hanley  (Nutritional Sciences)
Skylar Hardison  (Environmental Sciences)
Paige Hargis  (Veterinary Science)
Kaylan Headley  (Microbiology)
Ari Hernandez  (Microbiology)
Katelyn Hernandez  (Family Studies & Human Development)
MaryRuth Hodsden  (Animal Sciences)
Broderick Hoover Hibbert  (Nutritional Sciences)
Shinobi Horikawa  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Ryan Hunt  (Environmental Sciences)
Megan Hurr  (Microbiology)
Patricia Ignacio  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Carlton Igwe  (Nutritional Sciences)
Nicole Jablon  (Veterinary Science)
Kianoosh Jafari  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Kayla Jochimsen  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Bethany Johnson  (Veterinary Science)
Katherine Johnson  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Kristine Jones  (Biosystems Engineering)
Sophia Jones  (Nutritional Sciences)
Love Kaur  (Nutritional Sciences)
Brooke Kearney  (Veterinary Science)
Trent Kelly  (Microbiology)
Caroline Kennedy  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Skylar Knight  (Veterinary Science)
Alexis Kuna  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Rauland La Russa  (Veterinary Science)
Erynn Labut  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Emma Lakritz  (Veterinary Science)
Bethany Lane  (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Elisa Langone  (Animal Sciences)
Ariel Law  (Nutritional Sciences)
Jessica Ledesma  (Environmental Sciences)
Mary Nathalie Legaspi  (Nutritional Sciences)
Ellie Leitner  (Environmental Sciences)
Andrea Lemus Zacarias  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sean Leonard  (Natural Resources)
Claire Lewallen  (Environmental Sciences)
Kacy Lewis  (Natural Resources)
Luis Llamas  (Nutritional Sciences)
Esther Lopez  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Gabriel Lopez  (Nutritional Sciences)
Jazlyn Lopez  (Microbiology)
Jennifer Lopez  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Jacqueline Loving  (Veterinary Science)
Elizabeth Lundell  (Nutritional Sciences)
Olivia Lychock  (Nutritional Sciences)
Karla Machado  (Microbiology)
Kayla Mackey  (Environmental Sciences)
Ben Mangels  (Nutritional Sciences)
Savannah Manning  (Nutritional Sciences)
Mclees Mantegazza  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Carolyn Mardian  (Nutritional Sciences)
Mallory Margiotta  (Animal Sciences)
Cameron Marks  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Paloma Marolf  (Nutritional Sciences)
Kellan Martin  (Nutritional Sciences)
Megan Mauck  (Nutritional Sciences)
Nicole Mazon  (No Major Selected -  Ag Life Science)
Eamonn Mazur  (Natural Resources)
Tessa McCall  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Alyssa McCay  (Veterinary Science)
Chloe McClain  (Animal Sciences)
Kelly McEwan  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Kelly McHugh  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sydney McKarns  (Veterinary Science)
Meghan McNulty  (Nutritional Sciences)
Kelly Medzegian  Family Studies & Human Development)
Jacob Meeker-Hackett  (Animal Sciences)
Caroline Meili  (Veterinary Science)
Emma Menden  (Biosystems Engineering)
Chelsea Mendoza  (Environmental Sciences)
Sarah Anne Mendoza  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Rachel Meyer  (Nutritional Sciences)
Caleb Miller  (Natural Resources)
Diego Miranda  (Nutritional Sciences)
Stephanie Miu  (Veterinary Science)
Atley  Moberly  (Nutritional Sciences)
Rachel Monheit  (Nutritional Sciences)
Emily Moore  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Cristina Moraga Franco  (Nutritional Sciences)
Leobardo Moreno  (Biosystems Engineering)
Sabrina Moreno  (Veterinary Science)
Madison Morris  (Environmental Sciences)
Valeria Munoz  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Rhiannon Nabours  (Environmental Sciences)
Marisa Nagel  (Nutritional Sciences)
Khoboso Nale  (Environmental Sciences)
Kelsie Neill  (Veterinary Science)
Paulette Nevarez (Family Studies & Human Development)
Olivia Niccum  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Jordyn Nichols  (Nutritional Sciences)
Hunter Nier  (Nutritional Sciences)
Adrienne Noriega  (Nutritional Sciences)
Madeline O'Rourke  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Dylan Oakes  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Alejandra Ochoa  (Veterinary Science)
Isaac Olalde  (Personal & Family Financial Planning)
Karla Oregel  (Veterinary Science)
Aaron Ortiz  (Veterinary Science)
Julia Ostberg  (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Rylee Ott  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Juliet Owens  (Natural Resources)
John Pacheco  (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Amy Pacheco-Mata  (Nutritional Sciences)
Camryn Parker  (Veterinary Science)
Anastasia Pasela  (Natural Resources)
Urmi Patel  (Microbiology)
Sydney Peare  (Animal Sciences)
Nicole Pena  (Nutritional Sciences)
Jillian Peterson  (Veterinary Science)
Rachel Petzold  (Nutritional Sciences)
Kendall Phillips  (Veterinary Science)
Jack Picton  (Microbiology)
Brenden Pilato  (Nutritional Sciences)
Emily Pinero  (Veterinary Science)
Alexandria Polito  (Veterinary Science)
Lorria Post  (Environmental Sciences)
Caroline Priester  (Nutritional Sciences)
Sophia Quick  (Microbiology)
Brendan Quigley  (Nutritional Sciences)
Andrew Rabe  (Microbiology)
Gabrielle Rabinowitz  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jolie Rains  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Marcqus Gerome Ramos  (Nutritional Sciences)
Camryn Rasch  (Microbiology)
Ayanna Ravia  (Nutritional Sciences)
Quinn Reilly  (Microbiology)
Daniella Remillard  (Veterinary Science)
Alexandra Reznick  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Anna  Rizzo  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Dakota Robinson  (Animal Sciences)
Jacob Robishaw-Denton  (Microbiology)
Hannah Rockefeller  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Maria Rodriguez  (Nutrition and Food Systems)
Tyler Rodshagen  (Environmental Sciences)
Maria Rojas  (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Anysia Romo  (Microbiology)
Topacio Salazar  (Animal Sciences)
Serena Sanchez  (Veterinary Science)
Lauren Schubert  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Hannah Scott  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Caroline Scranton  (Microbiology)
Alicia Scull  (Microbiology)
Kileigh Setzler  (Veterinary Science)
Michael Shadowen  (Nutritional Sciences)
Kailey  Shumate  (Agribusiness Economics & Management)
Hallie Shupe  (Nutritional Sciences)
Alyssa Sierra  (Environmental Sciences)
Kaiya Smiley  (Nutritional Sciences)
Amanda Smith  (Animal Sciences)
Kayla Smythe  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Nicole Sobczak  (Nutritional Sciences)
Emerald Solis  (Agribusiness Economics & Management)
Samantha St Onge  (Animal Sciences)
Carter Stahl  (Microbiology)
Abigail Stern  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jessica  Stevens  (Veterinary Science)
Morgan Stevens  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Marin Stewart  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Shianna Stewart  (Plant Sciences)
Victoria Stokes-Montoya  (Nutritional Sciences)
Keanna Suh  (Nutritional Sciences)
Wade Sumner  (Microbiology)
Hunter  Sweetser  (Environmental Sciences)
Maya Tainatongo  (Environmental Sciences)
Kaitlin Tarkington  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Mohamed Tasir  (Nutritional Sciences)
Savannah Tate  (Veterinary Science)
Sara Te  (Microbiology)
Emma Teece  (Environmental Sciences)
Aaron Tews  (Environmental Sciences)
Natya Thirunagari  (Veterinary Science)
Namita Thomas  (Nutritional Sciences)
Chloe Thybulle  (Environmental Sciences)
Marie-Clementine Tixier  (Veterinary Science)
Jack Touhill  (Personal & Family Financial Planning)
Malcolm Turman  (Nutritional Sciences)
Azalia Urquides  (Nutritional Sciences)
Samantha  Urquidez  (Veterinary Science)
Isabella Valenzuela  (Nutritional Sciences)
Rolando Valenzuela Camou  (Agribusiness Economics & Management)
Amanda Van Asdall  (Veterinary Science)
Lillian Van De Weghe  (Veterinary Science)
Jesus Velazco  (Veterinary Science)
Gabrielle Vodegel  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Ashley Waddell  (Nutritional Sciences)
Ashley  Wallace  (Nutritional Sciences)
Alaina Wegner  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Elle Weiand  (Natural Resources)
Gwyneth Welch  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Alexis White  (Nutritional Sciences)
Brynn White  (Natural Resources)
Sydney Wilkerson  (Nutritional Sciences)
Julia Wilkinson  (Natural Resources)
Kayla Williams  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jennalee Wilson  (Family Studies & Human Development)
Alize Wilson-Ramirez  (Nutritional Sciences)
Eden Wininger  (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sara Woods  (Nutritional Sciences)
Ryan Wynter  (Microbiology)
Xinran Yang  (Animal Sciences)
James Yano  (Animal Sciences)
Nikki Young  (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Anasofia Zavala  (Veterinary Science)
Jonni Zeman  (Environmental Sciences)
Zoe Zibolsky   (Environmental & Water Resource Economics)
Samuel Ziegler  (Environmental Sciences)