From hit by a drunk driver to earning double degrees, CALS graduate Isabel Forlastro models perseverance

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Isabel Forlastro, our 2020 Kathryn Anne Governal Perseverance Award winner

Isabel Forlastro, our 2020 Kathryn Anne Governal Perseverance Award winner, was supposed to start her senior year at CALS when a drunk driver struck the car she was riding in, driving off and leaving her with a severe concussion. After a single semester off to recover, Isabel continued undaunted, earning not one, but two degrees from CALS School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences.

This week, Isabel started her first semester at Cornell University, where she's pursuing a PhD in biomedicine and biological sciences, with a concentration in immunology and infectious disease. In light of her remarkable grit and determination, Isabel received the Governal family's award.

At CALS, we are proud to have resources to help our students when they need it most -- resources made available through the generous support of our donors, including the Governal family. Hundreds of students receive support from philanthropic scholarships each year. Thank you to the Governal family for helping us honor Isabel, and if you are interested in following their lead, please learn more here.