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Life Management Counselor Ryan Daily
A Q&A with CALS Life Management Counselor Ryan Daily.
Individual calculating expenses with an image of a piggie bank in the foreground.
Richard Rosen, associate professor of personal and family financial planning at the University of Arizona, talks financial literacy in a time of economic uncertainty following the spread of the novel coronavirus.
John Palumbo in the field in Yuma.
The John Palumbo Endowed Chair in Integrated Pest Management honors a cooperative extension specialist at the Yuma Agricultural Center.
Nutritious food displayed in a bowl
Ashlee Linares-Gaffer, board member and past president of the Southern Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, shares some details about what exactly an RDN is - and how to become one.
JoRee LaFrance
JoRee LaFrance, doctoral candidate in environmental science, is one of 12 women chosen for the inaugural class of the Aspen Institute’s fellowship.
Crane fly on a wall
A mass emergence of crane flies has many Tucsonans wondering what the creatures are, why there are so many of them and why they seemed to show up all at once. A CALS insect expert has answers.