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Dine College students learn to take conductivity measurements
A $500,000 grant from the USDA will help UArizona and Diné College prepare Navajo Nation college students for careers in STEM.
As concern about microplastic pollution grows, researchers across the globe are trying to get to the root of small plastics and the big environmental issue they cause.
A Maricopa County 4-H member is with Program Coordinator, Hannah Hanson on the lake at James 4-H Camp and Outdoor Learning Center.
University of Arizona Cooperative Extension will waive state and county 4-H program fees for the next year.
Golden retreiver panting and looking into the camera
University startup uPetsia has licensed the technology to develop it and take it to the marketplace.
Colorado River between Marble Canyon
A new report from the Water Resources Research Center draws lessons from the past 40 years of water management in Arizona and explores solutions to current water resource challenges.