Smartscape Testimonials

Smartscape: A Training Program for Landscape Professionals™ is an excellent educational resource that is also extremely well received.  Our participants appreciate the opportunity to expand their knowledge and also ENJOY the classes!  Below is a sampling of postings and comments:

* Landscape classes?  Smart idea. We completed the 2014 Smartscape training and are listed on Tucson Water’s website as having completed the program.  This means that we are better prepared to care for your landscape with a deeper respect and understanding. Many techniques we learned are not only good for the environments we work in, but we can use these same practices to save our clients money and cultivate stronger partnerships.

* Thanks for ALL the opportunities related to the Smartscape program. You do a great service to the landscaping community by teaching standardized horticultural practices, not to mention the pride the graduates show after finishing your curriculum. Your grads flat out make better employees and supervisors.

* The Smartscape  series of class have given me more up to date information than I could have gotten anywhere else. The classes are convenient for someone working full time in the field. But the best part is keeping up to date on current ideas and methods. I have been doing landscaping in the Tucson area for 20 years and have learned more useful information in the time I have been involved in the Smartscape program than I thought possible.

* 24 years of horticultural practice and education and I can say that I learned more relevant information in a very short time than ever.  This should be required for anyone calling themselves a horticulturist (or related field)!

* The speakers kept my interest and gave great information!

* Relevant material delivered well. Easily understood. Thx!

* These classes were great!! I will continue to enroll in the upcoming classes and invite my fellow colleagues. Thank you very much.

* I now have more reliable materials to help me provide more experience to my customers.

* Excellent choice of energetic professionals to inspire quality landscape design & management.

* The presentation kept everyone focused and alert.

* This is an excellent program and I am really glad I took the course!

* Very nicely presented – I think the info will help a lot in my career/future career.

* I’ve been a landscaper for 12 years and I never learn interesting stuff. In those 12 years I like this class!!!

* Very thorough!

* Thanks!

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