Sustainable Landscapes Expo Exhibitors


Age Insight “Time to Grow: Tabletop Gardens for Engagement”. Learn how to make your own tabletop (adaptive) garden and adaptive tools. Discover the many ways gardening benefits older adults and caregivers.

Arizona 811

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum AZ Noxious Weeds- Learn about threat, control and prevention of noxious weeds and identify the most common ones that disrupt our Sonoran Desert

Civano Growers – Giving away 100 free trees!

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

Desert Harvesters Hands-on education empowering place-based earth care. Learn how to rewild desert cities and suburbs with Sonoran Desert food forest landscapes.

Drutopia at Dunbar Pavilion The benefits of soil amending (softening) via the use of Selenite crystals

EcoSense Sustainable Landscapes Restorative landscaping. Learn how EcoSense designs and creates robust outdoor living spaces that establish habitat creation.  

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply– Learn all about drip irrigation and wireless smart irrigation controllers!

Garden PlaySpace Backyard Nature.  Learn about creating a landscape that nourishes wildlife, exploration and play.  Explore different seed pods and make your own seed packet to take home.

IshkashitaaUrban food landscapes including edible trees and community gardens.  Identify foods from edible trees using hands-on kits and samples, understanding stewardship of urban food trees and what they provide.

Mission Garden Soil Health.  Learn how to improve soil health with organic matter, get hands on with various samples.

Native Seeds/SEARCH Choose arid-adapted seeds to lower inputs and improve climate resilience.  Feel, see, and learn about some of the differences between arid-adapted plants and more familiar commercial varieties.

Pima County Native Plant Nursery Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. Find out what Pima County is doing and what individuals can do to help support the SDCP!

Productive Patches

REALMSustainable Landscape Design.  Learn about water conservation in the landscape and organic maintenance and gardening.

Sonora Environmental Research InstituteEnvironmental Justice.  Limited-Income Rainwater Harvesting; Solar Empowerment & Healthy Homes.

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping Tree Maintenance.  Learn to properly prune and care for urban trees.

Strategic Habitat Enhancements Importance of native grasses for birds, native bees, butterflies, & moths.  Create a packet of custom native grass seed mix to take home.

Sustainable Tucson Learn about the varied factors that interact to create sustainability and some ways in which we can all contribute to building a sustainable future for our desert community!

Tank’s Green Stuff Using wood chip mulch in landscapes.  Impacts on micro-climate, sustainable landscape debris management, thermal comfort in the built environment.

Tucson Audubon Society Learn about Tucson Audubon’s Habitat at Home program and learn why it’s such an important component in bird conservation.  And build your own Lucy’s Warbler Nest Box!

Tucson Clean & Beautiful/Trees for TucsonLearn about proper tree care and the benefits of using mulch.

Tucson WaterLearn about water conservation indoor and outdoor through leak detection, water savings with WaterSense fixtures, and opportunities with TW rebates. WaterSense edition Loteria Bingo. Learn about our GSI program.  Learn how to locate one’s home in the tree equity score map, and about UHI effect. Test temperature gun in shaded vs. non-shaded areas with different materials. Learn how to fill out a watering schedule.

UArizona College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture – Graduate Student Posters.

UArizona Compost Cats – How to Compost.  How to reduce carbon emissions by diverting food waste.

UArizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Student Association – Sustainable Agriculture.  Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the production of plants and their products, such as vegetables and flowers, inside structures such as greenhouses, hydroponics, integrated pest management. 

UArizona Cooperative Extension – Cooperative Extension Resources.  Get an idea of the breadth and depth of programming and resources Cooperative Extension has to offer, especially in Spanish.

UArizona Pima County Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program – Eye Health.  Focus on fruit and vegetables with vitamin A for eye health and spin the wheel “eye exercise” with prizes! 

UArizona Pima County Master Gardeners – Home Gardening Education.  Learn about monthly garden reminders, upcoming seminars, events, as well as the Master Gardener Program itself.

UArizona Pima County Tucson Village Farm – Tour the “Little Farm”.

UArizona Pima County Smartscape Program – Drip Irrigation.  Hands on.  Learn about small-scale drip irrigation systems – including valves, pipe and emitters.

UArizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment – Seed Balls.  Featuring a Seed Ball Maker (stationary bicycle)!  Seed pellets encapsulate seeds in a mixture (often clay, and nutrient-rich organic matter such as compost, humus, or charcoal) that will potentially reduce predation by insects and rodents while allowing for increased water retention and seed-soil contact.

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