Poster Absracts

Please display your poster in the poster board that has the poster number, which can be found on the top right corner of the abstract page in the pdf file of the sesion for which you submitted the abstract.

Poster absracts submitted to each session can be found below (poster numbers within brackets):

Session 1: Floral Induction and Floral Organ Development (P-FL1 - P-FL12)

Session 2: Sporogenesis, Meiosis, and Apomixis (P-SPO1 - P-SPO7)

Session 3: Gametogenesis (P-GAM1 - P-GAM16)

Session 4: Pollen-Pistil Interactions (P- PPI1 - P-PPI27)

Session 5: Gametophyte Interactions and Fertilization (P- FER1 - P-FER21)

Session 6: Embryogenesis (P-EMB1 - P-EMB4)

Session 7: Endosperm Development (P-END1 - P-END8)

Session 8: Regulation of Parental Genome Expression (P-PGE1 - P-PGE2)

Session 9: Fruit & Seed Development (P-FRS1 - P-FRS7)