The University Of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

2004 Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report

Director's Letter

Table of Contents


It is a pleasure to write this note as part of our annual effort to provide with an interesting summary of some of the extensive activities in the College.

We strive constantly to improve our facilities. The following article about our newest greenhouse complex, uniquely placed on top of a campus parking structure, highlights an effort in this regard as does the article on the completely remodeled Herring Hall, the second oldest building on campus, which fittingly houses our extensive Herbarium collection of plants and fungi. The new University BIO5 program will greatly facilitate our campusw-wide effort to integrate research programs in agriculture, science and medicine.

We have included articles on a variety of our programs that vary from fundamental to applied research and from production agriculture to natural resources and the environment. We also included an economic study that confirms the importance of agriculture in our state's economy. Hopefully everyone will find an article of interest.

I wish to thank our hard-working faculty who created the information and our excellent publications staff who developed this report.

Please write or call if you have questions or need additional information.

Colin Kaltenbach
Vice Dean and Director,
Agricultural Experiment Station
(520) 621-7201