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2005 Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report

2005 Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report

Director's Letter

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Dear Readers,

Once again a wide cross-section of our College of Agriculture and Life Sciences research activities has been highlighted in this year's report. Regardless of whether you have an interest in plant, animal or human health and well-being, natural resources, plant production, animal production, or even the social sciences, you will find an article of interest.

We continue to be very involved in the development of new technologies while at the same time maintaining a very strong program in the applied sciences. In fact, a recent study of our research expenditures revealed that approximately 21 percent of our resources are spent on studies involving fundamental scientific discovery, 42 percent on studies of applied science and the remaining 37 percent on projects that integrate both the fundamental and applied aspects. We believe this represents a well-balanced portfolio.

We are particularly pleased to showcase the new USDA Arid Lands Research Center that is located at our Maricopa Agricultural Center. This represents the next step in a long-term collaboration between the University and the Agricultural Research Service and is a significant step forward in our ability to work together on problems of importance to our clientele.

Finally, I wish to thank our very competent production staff who always produce an excellent publication, and the faculty and staff who generated the information reported in this issue.

As always, feel free to contact my office if you have questions of need additional information.


Colin Kaltenbach
Vice Dean and Director,
Agricultural Experiment Station
(520) 621-7201