Dr. Furong NIU

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Project manager: "Aeolian processes in drylands"


Curriculum Vitae


2016,  PhD, Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, University of Göttingen, Germany
Dissertation: "Transpiration by oil palm and rubber plantations: refining methods and delineating differences"”
Advisor: Dirk Hölscher

2012,  MS, Ecology, Northwest A&F University, China
Thesis: “Eco-physiological responses of two dominant species to the precipitation pulse in a natural grassland,community at loess hilly-gully region, China”
Advisor: Bingcheng Xu

2009,  BSc, Biology, Mudanjiang Normal University, China


2017-Present, Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona

Selected Publications 

ardanto A, Röll A, Niu F, Meijide, A, Hendrayanto, Hölscher, D. 2017. Oil palm and rubber tree water use patterns: effects of topography and flooding. Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 452.

Niu F, Röll A, Meijide A, Hendrayanto, Hölscher D. 2017. Rubber tree transpiration in the lowlands of Sumatra. Ecohydrology. LINK

Meijide A, Röll A, Fan Y, Herbst M, Niu F, Tiedemann F, June T, Rauf A, Hölscher D, Knohl A. 2017. Controls of water and energy fluxes in oil palm plantations: effect of environmental variables and oil palm age. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 239: 71–85

Niu F, Duan D, Chen J, Xiong P, Zhang H, Wang Z, Xu B. 2016. Eco-physiological responses of dominant species to watering in a natural grassland community on the semi-arid Loess Plateau of China. Frontiers in Plant Science 7: 663.

Mei T, Fang D, Röll A, Niu F, Hendrayanto, Hölscher D. 2015. Water use patterns of four tropical bamboo species assessed with sap flux measurements. Frontiers in Plant Science 6: 1202.

Niu F, Röll A., Hardanto A, Meijide A, Hendrayanto, Hölscher D. 2015. Oil palm water use: calibration a sap flux method and a field measurement scheme. Tree Physiology 35: 563–573.

Röll A, Niu F, Meijide A, Hardanto A, Hendrayanto, Knohl A, Hölscher D. 2015. Transpiration in an oil palm landscape: effects of palm age. Biogeosciences 12: 5619–5633.

Xu B, Niu F, Duan D, Xu W, Huang J. 2012. Root morphological characteristics of Lespedeza davurica (L.) intercropped with Bothriochloa ischaemum (L.) Keng under water stress and P application conditions. Pakistan Journal of Botany 44: 1857–1864.

Research Grants 

Fellowship of China Scholarship Council (2012-2016)
German Academic Exchange Service conference funding (2015)