Sexting and SB 12:66: Why the Law Matters for
Family and Youth

Arizona has an important new law, SB 1266, that will impact young people and their
families by defining “sexting” and outlining its legal consequences. 
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Norton School students named 2011 Fashion Scholarship Fund Scholars

Five Norton School students have been named 2011 Scholars of the Fashion Scholarship Fund, one of the largest and most influential grant organizations in the fashion and apparel industry.
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After the crisis: Helping young people navigate a new economic reality

How young adults in college develop financial attitudes and behaviors. Read more >

Norton School Partnership Creates New Degree Program in Yuma
Students in Yuma, Ariz. can now complete a bachelor of science degree from the University of Arizona without ever attending the main campus.  Read more >

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Take Charge Now—

April 7–8, 2011
Global Retailing Conference
This annual event has a goal of bringing industry executives,
consultants, academicians and
university students together to learn about the growing opportunities and challenges in the global
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April 29, 2011
Hiro Yoshikawa, Ph.D. - "Immigrants Raising Citizens:
Undocumented Parents and Their Young Children"
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Noel Card, Ph.D., Receives Grants for Bullying Research
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