Michael Ottman

Extension Agronomist - The School of Plant Sciences
Marley 541C
(520) 621-1583 / (520) 621-7619 (Lab)

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 1985. Agronomy. University of Illinois.
  • M.S. 1982. Vegetable Crops. UC Davis.
  • B.S. 1979. Plant Science. UC Davis.

Research Interests

My research is centers on producing crops as efficiently as possible by manipulating cropping practices such as planting date, crop spatial geometry, fertilization, and irrigation.

Selected Publications

  • Miller, A.N., and M.J. Ottman. 2010. Irrigation frequency effects on growth and ethanol yield in sweet sorghum. Agronomy Journal 102:60-70.
  • Ottman, M. J., T. L. Thompson, and T. A. Doerge. 2006. Alfalfa yield and soil phosphorus increased with topdressed granular compared with water-run fluid P fertilizer. Agronomy Journal 98:899-906.
  • Ottman, M.J., Kimball, B.A., Pinter, P.J.Jr., Wall, G.W., Vanderlip, R.L., Leavitt, S.W., LaMorte, R.L., Matthias, A.D., and Brooks, T.J. 2001. Elevated CO2 increases sorghum biomass under drought conditions. New Phytologist 150:261-273.
  • Ottman, M. J., T. A. Doerge, and E. C. Martin. 2000. Durum grain quality as affected by nitrogen fertilization near anthesis and irrigation during grain fill. Agronomy Journal 92:1035-1041.
  • Ottman, M. J., B. R. Tickes, and S. H. Husman. 2000. Nitrogen-15 and bromide tracers of nitrogen fertilizer movement in irrigated wheat production. Journal of Environmental Quality 29:1500-1508.
  • Ottman, M. J., and N. V. Pope. 2000. Nitrogen fertilizer movement in the soil as influenced by nitrogen rate and timing in irrigated wheat. Soil Science Society of America Journal 64:1883-1892.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • None.

Areas of Research

  • Crop and Horticultural Management and Production