Said Attalah

Research Professional I - School of Plant Sciences

Research Lab/Affiliation

Dr. Michael Ottman Lab

Educational Background

  • December 2018: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Major: Bio-systems Engineering
  • Minor: Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences. University of Arizona
  • May 2013: Master of Science in Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering, University of Arizona.
  • October 2000: Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences, National Institute of Agronomy
  • (INA), Algiers, Algeria.
  • June 1990: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences, INA, Algiers, Algeria.

Research Interests

Improving agricultural practices and water resources management.

Selected Publications

John T. Heun, Said Attalah, Andrew N. French, Kevin R. Lehner, John K. McKay, Jack L. Mullen, Michael J. Ottman and Pedro Andrade Sanchez, (2019): Deployment of Lidar from ground platform: Customizing a low-cost, information-rich and user-friendly application for field phenomics research. Sensors 2019, 19, 5358, doi:10.3390/s19245358 
S. Attalah, P. Waller, S. Steichen, C. Brown, Y. Mehdipour, K. Ogden, J. Brown, Cost minimization of deoxygenation for control of Vampirovibrio chlorellavorus in Chlorella sorokiniana cultures. Algal Research 42 (2019) 101615.
G. Khawam, P. Waller, S. Gao, S. Edmundson, M. Hueseman, S. Attalah, K. Ogden, Simulation of shading and algal growth in experimental raceways. Algal Research 41 (2019) 101575.
S. Attalah, P. Waller, S. Steichen, C. Brown, S. Gao, K. Ogden, J. Brown, Application of deoxygenation-aeration cycling to control a predatory bacterium Vampirovibrio chlorellavorus in Chlorella sorokiniana cultures. Algal Research 39 (2019) 101427
A. Abdelali, I Nezli, R. Kechichda, S. Attalah, S. Benhamida, Z. Pang (2019): Geothermometry and geochemistry of groundwater in the Continental Intercalaire aquifer, southeastern Algeria: Insights from cations, silica and SO4–H2O isotope geothermometers.  Applied Geochemistry
S. Gao, P. Waller, G. Khawam, S. Attalah, M. Huesemann, K. Ogden (2018): Incorporation of the effects of salinity, nitrogen stress, and shading into an algae growth model and evaluation in the ARID raceway. Algal Research 35 (2018) 462-470. Available from:
S. Attalah, P. Waller, G. Khawam, R. Ryan, M. Huesemann, 2015: Energy evaluation in the High Velocity Algae Raceway (ARID-HV). Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 31(3): 365- 375. (doi: 10.13031/aea.31.10209)
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D. Kherchouche, M. Kalla, E. M. Gutiérrez, S. Attalah, M. Bouzghaia, 2012:  Impact of Droughts on Cedrus atlantica Forests Dieback in the Aurès (Algeria). Journal of Life Science, 6, 1262-1269.
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ISSN 1546-9239 © 2009 Science Publications
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