Shea Monihan

Assistant Research Scientist - School of Plant Sciences

Research Lab/Affiliation

Dr. Karen Schumaker

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 2011 Plant Sciences, University of Arizona; Dissertation Director: Dr. Karen S. Schumaker; Dissertation Title: The Arabidopsis CALCINEURIN B-LIKE10 Calcium Sensor Couples Environmental Signals to Developmental Responses
  • B.Sc. 2003 Plant Sciences, University of Arizona

Selected Publications

Monihan SM, Magness CA, Ryu C-H, McMahon MM, Beilstein MA, Schumaker KS. Duplication and functional divergence of a calcium sensor in the Brassicaceae. Submitted.

Monihan SM, Ryu C-H, Magness CA, Schumaker KS. Linking duplication of a calcium sensor to salt tolerance in Eutrema salsugineum. (2019) Plant Physiology 179:1176.  PubMed

Monihan SM, Magness, CA, Yadegari R, Schumaker KS.  Arabidopsis CALCINEURIN B-LIKE10 functions independently of the SOS pathway during reproductive development in saline conditions.  (2016) Plant Physiology 17: 369.  PubMed