Financial Information



Graduate students in the School of Plant Sciences (SPLS) are supported by fellowships, training grants, research, and/or teaching assistantships.

Graduate students supported by assistantships, scholarships, fellowships, and traineeships are expected to meet all requirements as defined by the Graduate College and SPLS. To maintain funded status, all students on SPLS funds are expected to maintain a GPA of 3.2 or higher, and show evidence of continuing progress in their graduate education. Students will be reviewed after each spring semester by the Graduate Student Program Committee (GSPC) based on their Annual Progress Reports; the GSPC will then make recommendations regarding continuation of financial support. Additional information on financial support can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid:



SPLS students also may obtain financial support for tuition, travel, and completion of their dissertation studies from sources including the following:

1.   Graduate Tuition Scholarships, University of Arizona Graduate College

2.   Travel support to attend research conferences or workshops, School of Plant Sciences

3.   Financial support to complete the doctoral dissertation, Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowships



All students with a Research Assistant (RA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) appointment are granted a tuition waiver, regardless of the source of funding. RA and TA support also includes the cost of health insurance.

In addition to tuition, the University requires a variety of registration and miscellaneous fees (described at the Bursar’s Office website). These are paid by SPLS for students who receive SPLS support (RA or TA). Students supported by their Major Advisor or by other funding sources should consult their Major Advisor or other funding sources regarding payment of these fees.