Chieri Kubota

Professor - The School of Plant Sciences, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Bio5
CEA 102 / Forbes 209
(520) 626-8833

Educational Background

Ph.D. (1994) in horticultural engineering (an interdisciplinary graduate program between horticultural sciences and agricultural engineering) from Chiba University, Japan. Postdoctoral research training in Clemson University and Laval University, Canada.

Research Interests

Controlled environment plant physiology, value added plant production, vegetable grafting, plant response to light quality

Selected Publications

  • Chia, P.-L. and C. Kubota. 2010. End-of-day far-red light quality and dose requirements for tomato rootstock hypocotyl elongation. HortScience 45:1501-1506.
  • Justus, I. and C. Kubota. 2010. Effects of low temperature storage on growth and transplant quality ofnon-grafted and grafted cantaloupe-type muskmelon seedlings. Scientia Hort. 125:47-54.
  • Matsuda, R., C. Kubota, M. L. Alvarez and G. A. Cardineau. 2010. Determining the optimal timing of fruit harvest in transgenic tomato expressing F1-V, a candidate subunit vaccine against plague. HortScience. 45:347–351.
  • Li, Q. and C. Kubota. 2009. Effects of supplemental light quality on growth and phytochemicals of baby leaf lettuce. Environ. Experiment. Botany. 67:59-64.
  • Thomson C.A., N.R. Stendell-Hollis, J.L. West, E.C. Cussler, L.M. McCune, M. Kroggel, H.J. Kim, and C. Kubota. 2008. High-lycopene consumption increases serum carotenoid levels but does not have decrease levels of oxidative stress and inflammation in healthy adults. The Open Bioactive Compounds Journal. 1:7-12.
  • Wu, M., and C. Kubota. 2008. Effects of high electrical conductivity of nutrient solution and its application timing on lycopene, chlorophyll and sugar concentrations of hydroponic tomatoes during ripening. Scientia Hort. 116:122–129.
  • Kubota, C. and M. Kroggel. 2006. Air temperature and illumination during transportation affect quality of mature tomato seedlings. HortScience 41:1640-1644.
  • Kubota, C., M.A. McClure, N. Kokalis-Burelle, M.G. Bausher, and E.N. Rosskopf. 2008. Vegetable Grafting: History, Use, and Current Technology Status in North America. HortScience. 43:1664-1669.
  • Kubota, C., C.A. Thomson, M. Wu, and J. Javanmardi. 2006. Controlled environments for production of value-added food crops with high phytochemical concentrations: High lycopene tomato as an example. HortScience 41:522-525.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • PLS 475A 575A Physiology of Plant Production under Controlled Environment
  • PLS 465 565 Postharvest Physiology, Technology and Produce Safety (co-teaching with Dr. Fonseca)

Areas of Research

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • Crop and Horticultural Management and Production
  • Environmental and Stress Biology

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