2013 Plant and Microbial Sciences Research Retreat Program

School of Plant Sciences

January 26th, 2013



7:00 AM – 8:00 AM         Poster set up and registration

7:30 AM – 8:00 AM         Continental breakfast

8:00 AM – 8:05 AM     Welcome by Karen Schumaker, School Director and Professor

8:05 AM – 9:25 AM     Session 1: Genomics Data and Tools [Chair: Rod Wing]

8:05-8:25 am        ‘CoGe 5:  Putting Users in Control of Their Data’ by Eric Lyons

8:25-8:45 am        ‘Mapping the Imprintome of Developing Maize Endosperm’ by Mingming Xin (Wang Lab)

8:45-9:05 am        ‘Viral Population Genomics: New Tools, New Revelations’ by Zhongguo Xiong

9:05-9:25 am        Discussion/break

9:25 AM – 10:45 AM  Session 2: Translational Sciences and Plant Product I [Chair: Chieri Kubota]

9:25-9:45 am        ‘Cotton Research and Extension in Arizona’ by Guangao (Sam) Wang

9:45-10:05 am      ‘Saltgrass, a High Salt and Drought Tolerant Species, a Potential Turfgrass and a Plant for Sustainable Agriculture in Desert Regions’ by Mohammad Pessarakli

10:05-10:25 am   ‘Producing Nutraceutical Carotenoids in Soybean Seeds’ by Monica Schmidt

10:25-10:45 am   Discussion/break

10:45 AM – 12:00 PM                Session 3: Plant Development and Stress [Chair: David Galbraith]

10:45-11:05 am   ‘Gene Networks in Early Endosperm Development in Maize & Arabidopsis’ by Ramin Yadegari

11:05-11:25 am   ‘Toward Understanding Plant Adaptation to Soil Salinity: Comparative Analysis of a Calcium Sensor in a Halophyte and a Glycophyte’ by Shea Monihan (Schumaker Lab)

11:25-11:45 am   ‘Effect of Heat and Drought on Cotton Development’ by Tim Dabbert (Gore Lab, ALARC)

11:45-12:00 pm Discussion

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM   Lunch

1:00 PM – 2:20 PM      Session 4: Translational Sciences and Plant Product II [Chair: Matt Jenks]

1:00-1:20 pm        ‘Expediting the Use of Green Algae Chlorella protothecoides for Next Generation Biodiesel Production’ by Sang-Hyuck Park (Brown Lab)

1:20-1:40 pm        ‘Gene Expression in Inbred and Hybrid Mice, Young and Old’ by Steve Goff

1:40-2:00 pm        ‘Utilizing LIDAR Technology in Field-Scale Phenomic Measurements of Cotton’ by Robert J. Strand (Gore Lab, ALARC)

2:00-2:20 pm        Discussion/break

2:20 PM – 3:35 PM      Session 5: Microbial Adaptations to Hosts [Chair: Hans VanEtten]

2:20-2:40 pm        ‘Adaptive Differences Among Aspergillus flavus Genotypes: Implications for Management of Aflatoxin Contamination’ by Hillary Mehl (Cotty Lab)

2:40-3:00 pm        ‘Virulence Factors in the Valley Fever Pathogen, Coccidioides’ by Marc Orbach

3:00-3:20 pm        ‘The Atomic Structure of a Viral DNA Piloting Protein and its Functional, Evolutionary and Biophysical Implications’ by Bentley Fane

3:20-3:35 pm        Discussion

Walk to Planning Center Building

3:45 PM – 6:00 PM      Poster Session and Social Hours (with finger food and drinks)

4:00-4:50 pm                 Posters Session I (odd numbers)

5:00-5:50 pm Poster Session II (even numbers)

6:00PM – 7:00 PM       Special Nighttime Biosphere2 Tour (optional, $10 per person; Sign-up and payment needed in advance)


Poster Presentations

P1 ‘Herbicide Susceptibility of Buffelgrass’ by TBA (McCloskey Lab)

P2 ‘Introducing Greenhouse Plant Physiology & Technology Research Education and Outreach’ by Chieri Kubota

P3 ‘Host Affiliations and Geographic Distributions of Fungal Symbionts of Aquatic Plants’ by Dustin C. Sandberg (Arnold Lab)

P4 ‘Expanding the Harvest Window for Sweet Sorghum’ by Dennis T. Ray

P5 ‘Identification of the RNA-Directed DNA Methylation Pathway in Gymnosperms’ by Yi Huang (Mosher Lab)

P6 ‘Temporally Temperamental Protein-Protein Interactions as a Barrier to Productive Horizontal Gene Exchange’ by Sarah Doore (Fane Lab)

P7 ‘Regulatory and Functional Changes in SOS1 Contribute to the Extreme Salt Tolerance of Eutrema salsugineum’ by David E. Jarvis (Schumaker Lab)

P8 ‘The Arabidopsis CALCINEURIN B-LIKE10 Protein Mediates Flower Development During Plant Growth in Saline Conditions’ by Shea M. Monihan (Schumaker Lab)

P9 ‘Analysis of CBL10 Gene Duplication in the Halophyte Eutrema salsugineum’ by Courtney A. Magness (Schumaker Lab)

P10 ‘Comparing Transplant Establishment with Surface and Subsurface Irrigation’ by Ursula Schuch

P11 ‘Phylogenetic Relationships and Diversity of Endohyphal Bacteria in Tropical Seed-Associated Fungi’ by Justin Shaffer (Arnold Lab)

P12 ‘Suppression of Storage Proteins in Soybean Results in Seed Proteome Changes that may be Caused by Genome Methylation’ by Monica Schmidt

P13 ‘Genomic Resources for Leersia perrieri: An Outgroup Species for the Genus Oryza’ by Dario Copetti (AGI/Wing)

P14 ‘Assessing The Phenotypic Effects of Endohyphal Bacteria Associated with Fungal Endophytes’ by Kayla Arendt (Arnold Lab)

P15 ‘Reconstructing the Ancestral Genome of the Oryza Genus’ by Julie Jacquemin (AGI/Wing Lab)

P16 ‘Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 Regulates Type I MADS-Box Gene Expression during Endosperm Development in Arabidopsis’ by Shanshan Zhang (Yadegari Lab)

P17 ‘Analysis of Transcription Factor Genes in Maize Early Endosperm Development’ by Guosheng Li (Yadegari Lab)

P18 ‘Transcriptome Analysis of Early Endosperm Development in Maize using LCM and RNA-Seq’ by Dhiraj Thakare, Shanshan Zhang (Yadegari Lab)

P19 ‘Collaborative Research Projects at the Arizona Genomics Institute’ by Dave Kudrna (AGI/Wing Lab)

P20 ‘Prophage in Pseudomonas syringae’ by Kevin Hockett (Baltrus Lab)

P21 ‘A Systematic and Genomic Description of Undulatus ophiodiicola, an Emerging Fungal Pathogen of Snakes’ by Mana Ohkura (Orbach Lab)

P22 [Withdrawn]

P23 ‘Automated Food, Water and Oxygen Producing Machine’ by Gene Giacomelli

P24 ‘Root Growth and Biomass of Field Grown Pavon 76 Bread Wheat - Rye Translocation Lines’ by Ruth Kaggwa (S. Wang Lab)

P25 ‘A Possible Biotechnology Degree Program at UA’ by Ken Feldmann

P26 ‘Applications of LED Lighting in Greenhouse Specialty Crop Production’ by Ricardo Hernandez (Kubota Lab)

P27 ‘The Impact of Water Deficiency on Leaf Cuticular Lipids of Two Diverse Ecotypes of Thellungiella’ by Xiaojing Xu (Jenks Lab)

P28 ‘New Genetic Determinants of Cuticle Permeability in Arabidopsis’ by Hongliang Wang (Jenks Lab)

P29 ‘Genome Wide Association Studies of Cuticle Lipids in Brassica napus’ by Greg Lohrey (Jenks Lab)

P30 ‘Molecular Genetic Analysis of LORELEI Function in Inducing Pollen Tube Growth Arrest in the Female Gametophyte in Arabidopsis’ by Xunliang Liu (Pelanivelu Lab)

P31 ‘SearchTreeDB: Accessible Phylogenetic Trees Across Eukaryotes’ by Shelley McMahon

P32 ‘Sequencing the Collective Oryza Genome to Help Solve the 9 Billion-People Question’ by Rod Wing

P33 Title TBA by Dave Kopec

P34 ‘Low Temperature Tolerance of Curcurbitaceae and Solanaceae Scion and Rootstock Seedlings Toward Development of Storage Techniques in Vegetable Grafting’ by Hans Spalholz (Kubota Lab)

P35 ‘Molecular Analysis of the Microalgal-Bacterial Community to Monitor and Achieve Quality Control of DOE1412 (Chlorella Sp.) in an Arid Raceway Production System’ by Sang-Hyuck Park (Brown Lab)

P36 ‘Evolutionary History of the Emerging Biofuel Crop Camelina saliva’ by Jordan Brock (Beilstein Lab)

P37 ‘Cardamine cordifolia a Plant Model for Stress Induced Shortened Telomeres?’ by Eileen Leaser (Beilstein Lab)

P38 ‘Biological and Molecular Characterization of Tomato Chlorotic Dwarf Viroid in Arizona’ by Naitong Yu (Xiong Lab)

P39 ‘Genetic Diversity and Whitefly Transmission of Tomato Apex Necrosis Virus’ by Alicia M. Cochran (Xiong Lab)