Forage Crops

Extension Faculty

Assistant specialist & asst. professor - School of Plant Sciences
Marley 341D / (520) 626-6287 /
(520) 621-3792 (Lab)
Extension Weed Specialist - School of Plant Sciences
541B Marley / 520-621-7613 /

Evaluation of management tactics for weedy and invasive plant species in Arizona's crops, range and natural landscapes including cultural methods, herbicides, GPS-RTK precision cultivation, optical sensing and computer technology.

Extension Agronomist - School of Plant Sciences
Marley 541C / 520-621-1583 /

My research is in the areas of crop production and crop physiology. Specific topics include the effect of climate and weather, fertilizer and irrigation, and genotypes on growth and yield of alfalfa, corn, sorghum, barley, wheat, and perennial...