List of Undergraduate Courses

Course Number Title of Course Semester(s) Offered Number of Units Instructor Year Offered
PLP 150C1 Mushrooms, Molds, and Man Spring 3 Barry Pryor All
PLP 305 Introductory Plant Pathology Fall 3 Barry Pryor All
PLP 329A Microbial Diversity Fall 3 Betsy Arnold
PLP 427L General Mycology Laboratory Fall 2 Marc Orbach All
PLP 427R General Mycology Fall 3 Marc Orbach All
PLS 170C1 Plants and Our World Fall, Spring 3 M. Pessarakli, T. Quist, D. Ray All
PLS 170C2 Introductory Biotechnology Fall 3 Ken Feldmann All
PLS 195A How Will We Feed and Clothe 9-billion People in 2050? Fall 1 D. Galbraith, S. Orchard All
PLS 195B The Science of GMO's and Organics Fall 1 K. Feldmann All
PLS 217 Introduction to Hydroponics & Controlled Environment Agriculture Fall 3 Stacy Tollefson All
PLS 240 Plant Biology Fall 4 Steven Smith All
PLS 245 Plants, Genes and Agriculture Spring 3 Eliot Herman All
PLS 300 Applied Weed Science Spring 3 Barry Tickes
PLS 306 Crop Science and Production Fall 3 S. Discua- Duarte Even
PLS 307 Evolution of Food Plants Spring 3 S. McMahon Even
PLS 312 Animal and Plant Genetics Spring 4 Dennis Ray All
PLS 330 Principles and Techniques of Plant Propagation and Culture Fall 3 T. Quist Odd
PLS 333 General Virology Spring 3 Judith Brown Even
PLS 340 Introduction to Biotechnology Fall 3 Ken Feldmann All
PLS 340L Biotechnology Laboratory Spring 2 Samantha Orchard All
PLS 359 Plant Cell Structure and Function Fall 3 Ravi Palanivelu All
PLS 360 Plant Growth and Physiology Spring 3 J. Woodson All
PLS 361 Principles of Plant Physiology Lab Spring 1 Ravi Palanivelu All
PLS 397A Yuma Production Systems Fall 3 Tanya Hodges Odd
PLS 397B Advanced Greenhouse Crop Production Spring 3 Stacy Tollefson All
PLS 403 Citrus Production Spring 3 Glenn Wright Even
PLS 424R Plant Biotechnology Spring 3 Eliot Hermann All
PLS 428L Microbial Genetics Laboratory Spring 2 David Baltrus All
PLS 428R Microbial Genetics Spring 3 David Baltrus All
PLS 440 Mechanisms of Plant Development Fall 3 Karen Schumaker Even
PLS 448A Plant Biochemistry and Metabolic Engineering Fall 3 Monica Schmidt All
PLS 456 Topics in Biotechnology Spring 3 Kenneth Feldmann All
PLS 458 Plant Molecular Biology Fall 3 Ramin Yadegari Even
PLS 472/572 Plant Systematics Spring 4 Michelle McMahon Odd
PLS 475A Applied Plant Physiology Spring 3 Tanya Quist All
PLS 479 Applied Instrumentation for Controlled Environment Agriculture Spring 3 Murat Kacira All
PLS 480 Medicinal Plants Fall 3 Leslie Gunatilaka Even
PLS 483 Controlled Environment Systems Fall 3 Gene Giacomelli All
PLS 497F Community and School Garden Workshop Fall, Spring 2-6 Sarah Moore All
PLS 498 Senior Capstone Spring 2 Tanya Quist All