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What athletes eat and drink makes a big difference in how they perform in practice and competition.  In this DVD, Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Crissy Ahmann and NFL linebacker Tedy Bruschi talk about what to eat and drink for peak performance.  The DVD also includes great advice on how to “eat to compete” from college and professional athletes, coaches, trainers, and sports dietitians.  This advice is featured as a series of key sports nutrition “Training Tips” that show athletes how to:

  • Drink the right fluids to prevent fatigue, muscle cramps and other problems caused by dehydration
  • Choose the right kinds of foods for top performance
  • Decide whether or not to use vitamin and mineral supplements.

Athletes from junior high school to college age will learn how to use these tips to make their training more effective.  This DVD is a perfect training tool for coaches, athletes, fitness instructors, trainers, and health and nutrition educators.

Length:  27 minutes


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Winning Sports Nutrition