Santa Rita Experimental Range
Centennial Conference 2003 Proceedings

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Santa Rita Experimental Range: 100 years (1903 to 2003) of accomplishments and contributions; conference proceedings; 2003 October 30 November 1; Tucson, AZ. Proc. RMRS-P-30. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 197 p.
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Invited Papers

Recognizing History in Range Ecology: 100 Years of Science and Management on the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 310 K)
Nathan F. Sayre

A Century of Vegetation Change on the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 315 K)
Mitchel P. McClaran

Rangeland Livestock Production: Developing the Concept of Sustainability on the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 80 K)
George B. Ruyle

Vegetation Management Practices: Past and Present
(Approx. 70 K)
Peter F. Ffolliott, Gerald J. Gottfried, William H. Kruse

Wildlife Ecology and Management, Santa Rita Experimental Range (1903 to 2002)
(Approx. 65 K)
Paul R. Krausman, Michael L. Morrison

Cultural Resources of the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 95 K)
John H. Madsen

Revegetation Practices on the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 200 K)
Bruce D. Munda, Mark J. Pater

Hydrology and Soil Erosion
(Approx. 80 K)
Leonard J. Lane, Mary R. Kidwell

Archive and Laboratory Embedded in the Landscape: Future of the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 65 K)
Thomas E. Sheridan

Poster Papers

Climate Variability and Plant Response at the Santa Rita Experimental Range, Arizona
(Approx. 45 K)
Michael A. Crimmins, Theresa M. Mau-Crimmins

Spread of a Nonnative Grass Across Southern Arizona: Multiple Data Sources to Monitor Change
(Approx. 95 K)
Erika Geiger, Theresa Mau-Crimmins, Heather Schussman

Multitemporal MODIS-EVI Relationships With Precipitation and Temperature at the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 50 K)
Jorry Z. U. Kaurivi, Alfredo R. Huete, Kamel Didan

Role of Soil Texture on Mesquite Water Relations and Response to Summer Precipitation
(Approx. 65 K)
Alessandra Fravolini, Kevin R. Hultine, Dan F. Koepke, David G. Williams

Mesquite Removal and Mulching Treatment Impacts on Herbage Production and Selected Soil Chemical Properties
(Approx. 35 K)
Stacy Pease, Peter F. Ffolliott, Leonard F. DeBano, Gerald J. Gottfried

Gambel and Scaled Quail Diets on the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 55 K)
Alvin L. Medina

Historical and Recent Flora of the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 65 K)
Alvin L. Medina

Effects of Neighbor Species and Distance on 2- and 4-Year Survival of Lehmann Lovegrass and Native Grasses
(Approx. 84 K)
Sharon H. Biedenbender, Mitchel P. McClaran, Bruce A. Roundy

International Arid Lands Consortium: A Synopsis of Accomplishments
(Approx. 35 K)
Peter F. Ffolliott, Jeffrey O. Dawson, James T. Fisher, Itshack Moshe, Timothy E. Fulbright, W. Carter Johnson, Paul Verburg, Muhammad Shatanawi, Jim P. M. Chamie

Soil and Ecological Sites of the Santa Rita Experimental Range
(Approx. 90 K)
Donald J. Breckenfeld, Daniel Robinett

Assessment of Fire-Damaged Mesquite Trees 8 Years Following an Illegal Burn
(Approx. 40 K)
Gerald J. Gottfried, Peter F. Ffolliott, Pablo Garcia, Diego Valdez-Zamudio, Akram Al-Khouri

Sweet Resin Bush on the Santa Rita Experimental Range: An Eradication Effort
(Approx. 80 K)
Larry D. Howery, Bruce D. Munda, Dan G. Robinett, Harry H. Buck

Spectral Reflectance and Soil Morphology Characteristics of Santa Rita Experimental Range Soils
(Approx. 130 K)
A. Karim Batchily, Donald F. Post, R. B. Bryant, Donald J. Breckenfeld

Cow Weights and Calf Production for Pasture 12-C Lehmann Lovegrass Grazing Trials, 1982 to 1993
(Approx. 135 K)
Phil R. Ogden, E. Lamar Smith

Soil Temperature and Moisure Dynamics After Experimental Irrigation on Two Contrasting Soils on the Santa Rita Experimental Range: Implications for Mesquite Establishment
(Approx. 80 K)
Nathan B. English, David G. Williams, Jake F. Weltzin

New Data Sources and Derived Products for the SRER Digital Spatial Database
(Approx. 170 K)
Craig Wissler, Deborah Angell

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(Approx. 20 K)

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