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University of Arizona Web Sites:

Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC)

Arizona Electronic Atlas

Arizona Regional Image Archive

Critical Zone Observatory project

International Arid Lands Consortium

NSF Water Quality Center

NSF Center for Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing


Soils of Arid Regions

Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center

Superfund Basic Research Program

Water Resources Research Center

Environmental Chemistry Resources:

American Elements

Chemfinder Database

General Chemistry Online

Geochemists Workbench Website

Mineralogy Database

Minerals and Molecules Project

Web Elements Periodic Table

Virtual Journals:

Geochemical Transactions

Virtual Journal of Geobiology

Synchrotron Facilities:

National Synchroton Light Source II

Canadian Light Source

Advanced Light Source

Advanced Photon Source

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source

Scientific Societies:

American Chemical Society

American Geophysical Union

Clay Minerals Society

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)

International Union of Soil Science

Soil Science Society of America


Web of Science


Earth from space

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