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Research Project:

Coupling Sorption to Soil Weathering During Reactive Transport: Impacts of Mineral Transformation and Sorbate Aging on Contaminant Speciation and Mobility

This project aims for a predictive-mechanistic understanding of the coupling between mineral weathering and contaminant (137Cs, 90Sr, 129I) fate in caustic waste-impacted sediments across space, time and geochemical gradients that encompass the heterogeneity observed at the Hanford Site WA, USA. Our specific objectives are: (1) to assess the molecular-scale mechanisms responsible for time-dependent sequestration of contaminants (Cs, Sr and I) during penetration of waste-induced weathering fronts; (2) to determine the rate and extent of contaminant release from the sorbed state; (3) to develop a reactive transport model based on molecular mechanisms and macroscopic flow experiments [(1) and (2)] that simulates adsorption, aging, and desorption dynamics.
Hanford, WA
Group Contacts:
Nicolas Perdrial and Jon Chorover  


Karl Mueller (Penn State), Peggy O’Day (UC Merced), Jeff Serne (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Wooyong Um (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Carl Steefel (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

Funding Source:

Department of Energy, Office of Science  

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Selected Project References (click here for full publication list):

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