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Develop sustainable aquaculture systems for arid and semiarid regions


We conduct research and development and training in aquatic food production systems. Special interest inarid environments and developing countries.

Research Projects:

Aquaculture and Irrigation

  • Rearing fish and shrimp in irrigation systems
  • Re-use of effluents as fertilizers for field crops
  • Improving soils with fish wastes

Aquaculture and Halophytes

  • Fish and food from salty water
  • Integrated productivity systems
  • Coastal ecosystem restoration


  • Fish and hydroponics research
  • Aquaculture in the Classroom

Aquaculture Education

  • Students from Brazil, Canada, China, Eritrea, Korea, Mexico and the USA
  • Aquaculture career development events
  • Future Farmers of America competition
  • Extension conferences, seminars, educator training
  • Assistance to high schools with aquaculture programs
  • Student tours

Tilapia Research

  • Production and market development
  • Nutrition and disease
  • Selective breeding

Shrimp Research

  • Inland farming in Arizona
  • Sustainable systems
  • Pathology

Seaweed Research

  • Farming in Hawaiian Fish Ponds
  • Market development
  • Hatchery system



The University of Arizona Environmental Research Laboratory
2601 E. Airport Drive Tucson, Arizona 85706 (520) 626-3322