David Hogan Receives NSF Fellowship

David Hogan, PhD student in Dr. Maier’s Environmental Microbiology Laboratory at the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science, just received a 2013 National Science Foundations (NSF) Fellowship (GRFP- Graduate Research Fellowship Program). He will receive three years of funding support, including stipend, travel, and tuition, and have access to a variety of professional development activities.

David got the NSF GRFP award due to his outstanding academic preparation and strong prior research experience.  He has already received several honors, published papers, and presented scientific findings at diverse meetings. David has a strong desire to educate and a history of working with the public and youth groups. He intends to continue this path and is planning to be involved in a project with a local high school with a large number of underrepresented minority students.


David studies rhamnolipids, a group of surfactants (soaps) naturally produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. His interest in these compounds lies in finding and developing environmentally-friendly applications for remediating pollution in the environment. Using the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, David will study rhamnolipid's ability to bind and concentrate metal ions from industrial and mining waste streams. His work will focus on metals identified as critical materials by the U.S Department of Energy and the European Union: the rare earth elements and platinum group metals. David hopes this research will help generate new domestic sources for these materials while also preventing metal wastes from contaminating the environment. Prior to attending the University of Arizona, David attended New Mexico State University (NMSU) where he earned his degree in microbiology and conducted research as part of the NMSU Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Congratulations David!