Positions are available for graduate students at the Doctoral level. Research and teaching assistantships are offered and information concerning the current availability of assistantship can be obtained contacting Dr. Raina Maier (rmaier@ag.arizona.edu). 

Undergraduate positions are available for SWES and Microbiology majors as well as for UBRP students (Undergraduate Biology Research Program). Information concerning current availability can be obtained by contacting Dr. Raina Maier or the laboratory manager, Julie Neilson (jneilson@email.arizona.edu). 

Competitive summer internships are available for high school students who have completed a minimum of one high school science class in Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Interested students should contact Julie Neilson. We welcome visiting post-doctoral students and professors. Interested scientists should contact Dr. Raina Maier. Post-doctoral positions will be posted on this website when available.  

(Above left) Graduate student Karyna Rosario planted Atriplex at the Boston Mill mine tailings site. (Above right) The Atriplex plant 18 months later.  (Courtesy Karyna Rosario, 2005 and 2006)