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Verifying IPM using Star Certification

The IPM Institute of North America, Inc. (link to: is an independent non-profit organization formed in 1998 to foster recognition and rewards in the marketplace for goods and service providers who practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  The Institutes mission is to accelerate adoption of IPM in agriculture and communities by using the power of the marketplace: consumers want to support suppliers of goods and services who are working to preserve the environment and reduce health hazards.  The Institute operates two certification programs for IPM professionals, schools and other organizations, and IPM products and services.

The IPM STAR Certification Program recognizes and rewards IPM practitioners who meet a high standard for IPM in schools, childcare centers and school-age programs.  The program provides incentives for everyone to reduce pest and pesticide risks to health and the environment.  Also, a new initiative of the IPM STAR program is GREEN SHIELD CERTIFIED.  Green Shield Certified uses similar high standards to evaluate and certify structural pest control service providers and facilities other than schools.

Arizona is among the leading states in the nation for the number of school districts holding IPM STAR Certification, and include:

Kyrene School District

Mesa Public Schools

Washington Elementary School District

For information about the standards used to assess schools for IPM STAR Certification, please visit the programs homepage at .