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This web-site is intended to be an information resource for those interested in learning and appreciating the smaller critters living in the southwest. Learning a little about the biology of bugs allows us to distinguish the beneficial and benign, from the pest species. Over 95% of bug species are beneficial, and gaining an understanding of their life histories affords us a rich appreciation of the life that surrounds us Understanding how and why pests become problematic, empowers us with the ability to exclude them from our living (home), working (work) and learning environments (school).

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Western Region School IPM Work Group

The Western Region School IPM Implementation and Assessment Work Group provides a focal point for interactive communication and collaboration by school IPM stakeholders and change agents throughout the West. We stimulate and facilitate collaboration between university, state agencies, federal agencies, industry, advocacy groups, and school based staff working to encourage and enhance successful implementation of IPM in schools in the western region.   More information about Working Group activities can be found at