Walk Across Arizona

0Walk Across Arizona is a fun way to get motivated to get fit! Will you“Walk Across Arizona” this year?

WHO? Anyone in Arizona

WHAT? Join a team & record your miles as you move your way ‘across” Arizona. Teams can have up to 10 people.

WHEN? The 8 week program begins on a different date in each county.  Select your county to get more information.

WHERE? Anywhere you can walk, run, swim, cycle, move or play.

WHY?  Meet new people, see new places, feel great and have fun!

Walk Across Arizona is a fun way to get motivated to get fit! Will your "Walk Across Arizona" team walk the 410 miles across Arizona this year? Click on your county to learn how to get started!

Walk Across Arizona is part of statewide Healthy Lifestyle Education through the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. It is NOT a walk-a-thon or fund-raiser, but a way to get motivated to start moving and keep moving. You can start the healthy habit of walking everyday with this 8 week, statewide walking challenge.

The vision of the Walk Across Arizona campaign is to encourage individuals and families to increase their participation in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to increase satisfaction with the community and decrease social isolation of residents within communities.

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Walking improves efficiency of your heart and lungs