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Mint Wash - Tr 345
Sue Smith
Yavapai County Native & Naturalized Plants
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Mint Wash - Tr 345
Sue Smith
Plant Image
Female flowers
Mint Wash - Tr 345
Sue Smith
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Male flowers
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Doug McMillan
Plant Description

Origin: Native
General Description: Deciduous. Deciduous shrub; rarely tree-like. Often forms thickets of clustered, slender, upright stems. Lateral roots can produce sprouts in profusion, often in long rows, shoots elongate rapidly in spring. The spreading habitat can help stabalize banks.
Identification notes: To 20 feet, bark yellow to reddish-brown. Leaves alternate, smooth to finely toothed margins, 7 or 8 times as long as wide, bluish-green above, silvery fine hairs beneath. Stipules absent or rudimentary. Catkins on short leafy branchlets, stamens 2.
Height: 20 feet     Width: varies


Habitat Description: Found in thickets along streams and riverbanks, bars and shores of streams and lakes, on silty, sandy, or gravelly substrates.
Plant Communities: Riparian
Elevation: 3000 - 9500 feet


Color: Yellowish-white   Shape: Inconspicuous in elongated clusters    Tubular: N   Flowering Period: Mar - Jun
Description: Male catkins are 1 to 2-1/2 inches long on slender stems; developing with leaves in the spring. Each female flower is subtended by a greenish, whitish, yellowish, or light brown bract which falls off after flowering. Male and female on separate trees.


Leaf Color: Green to grayish-green   Type: Simple   Shape: Narrow   Margin: Toothed   Attachment: Alternate   Hairs: Bottom of leaves
Description: Leaves are very long and narrow, lance-like to linear, edges smooth or finely toothed. Leaves to 2 to 5 inches long by 1/4 inch wide. Green on upper surface to grayish-green underside. Smooth on top surface, paler and usually hairy on bottom surface.


Color: Yellowish    Type: Capsule   Description: Pointed, 1/4 inch pear-shaped capsules in narrow clusters. Each capsule splits into 2 sections releasing numerous small cottony seeds.


Bark Color: Gray, red or yellowish-brown   Bark Texture (Mature): Rough   Bark and Branch Description: Bark and branches may be gray, red, or yellowish-brown. Smooth when young and becoming shallowly fissured with age.
Spines, thorns or prickles: N

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