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Camissonia chamaenerioides - longcapsule suncup

Synonyms: Oenothera chamaenerioides, eremothera chamaenerioides
Other Common Names: long-capsuled primrose, willow-herb primrose, fireweed suncup, willowherb suncup
Plant Form: Forb

Family: Onagraceae

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Forb Plant Description

Origin: Native   Life Cycle: Annual
General Desc: A small herb with basal leaves and erect, red stems, usually branched near the base. Nodding inflorescence of tiny white flowers at the end of the stems.
Identification notes: Petals about 1/8 inch long, spatulate; style shorter than the petals. Capsules cylindric, linear, straight or nearly so. Flowers white in terminal spikes.
Height: 3 to 20 inches


Habitat Description: Sandy slopes and flats in desert scrub habitats to 4000 feet.
Plant Communities: Desert Scrub, Interior Chaparral, Semidesert Grasslands, Disturbed Areas
Elevation: Below 4000 feet

Flower Characteristics

Color: White to reddish     Shape: Regular in elongated clusters     Tubular: Y     Flowering Period: Mar - Jun
Description: Inflorescence produces several tiny flowers, each with white petals less than 1/8 inch long and drying to dull red. Inflorescence is nodding before bloom.

Leaf and Stem Characteristics

Leaf Color: Green     Leaf Type: Simple     Leaf Shape: Narrow     Leaf Margin: Smooth     Leaf Attachment: Basal and alternate     Leaves Clasp: N
Hairs: Leaves and stems     Spines: N
Leaf Description: Leaves narrow, lance-shaped or oval, up to 3 inches and marked with red dots. Stem is erect, hairy, reddish in color and up to 20 inches tall.

Fruit and Seed Characteristics

Fruit Type: Capsule
Fruit Notes: The fruit is a capsule, 1 to 2 inches long. Capsule is split lengthwise into two parts.
Seed Notes: Seeds less than 3/8 inch long, 1/16 inch thick, minutely pitted in rows.

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