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West Fork of Oak Creek

Yavapai County Native & Naturalized Plants

Geranium richardsonii - Richardson's geranium

Other Common Names: cranesbill, white geranium, white cranesbill
Plant Form: Forb

Family: Geraniaceae

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West Fork of Oak Creek
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Forb Plant Description

Origin: Native   Life Cycle: Perennial
General Desc: Sprawling perennial with white to pale pink 5-petaled flowers to 1 inch wide, palmately lobed leaves up to 6 inches wide and a seed capsule shaped like a cranesbill.
Identification notes: Perennial with forked stems, swollen nodes, erect, not highly branched; leaves palmately lobed, sometimes sparsely hairy, divisions incised, toothed to lobed; flowers whitish, may be pale pink, not deep purple as found in G. caespitosum.
Height: Sprawling to 3 feet


Habitat Description: Moist soil of ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests.
Plant Communities: Montane Conifer Forest
Elevation: 6500 - 11500 feet

Flower Characteristics

Color: White to pale pink     Shape: Regular not in clusters     Tubular: N     Flowering Period: Apr - Oct
Description: Flowers are up to 1 inch wide, white to pale pink, 5-petaled with purplish veins at the ends of branched stems. Stamens 10, 5 of them longer than the others.

Leaf and Stem Characteristics

Leaf Color: Dark green     Leaf Type: Simple     Leaf Shape: Palmate     Leaf Margin: Lobed     Leaf Attachment: Basal and opposite     Leaves Clasp: N
Hairs: Stems     Spines: N
Leaf Description: Leaves are 1-1/2 to 6 inches wide, palmately lobed into 5 to 7 main segments on long stalks, most near the base of the plant. Leaf divisions are incised, toothed to lobed.

Fruit and Seed Characteristics

Fruit Color: Brown   
Fruit Type: Capsule
Fruit Notes: "Cranesbill" refers to its long, beak-like seed capsule that becomes recoiled when mature.
Seed Notes: 1 to 2 coarsely pitted seeds per capsule.

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