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Plant - summer
Casner Canyon, NE of Sedona
Max Licher @
Yavapai County Native & Naturalized Plants

Aristida adscensionis - sixweeks threeawn

Synonyms: Aristida fasciculata

Plant Form:Grass

Family: Poaceae

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Plant image

Casner Canyon, NE of Sedona Max Licher @
Plant image
Seedhead - fall

Casner Canyon, NE of Sedona Max Licher @
Plant image
Seedhead - fall

Casner Canyon, NE of Sedona Max Licher @
Plant image
Seedhead - summer

Casner Canyon, NE of Sedona Max Licher @
  Grass Description -   Glossary of Grass Terminology

Origin: Native    Season: Cool and Warm
Habitat Description: Open, dry ground, plains and washes, along open stream courses, sometimes weedy on waste ground, along roadsides, and on degraded rangelands and dry hillsides, often in sandy soils. It is associated with woodland, prairie, and desert shrub communities.
Plant Communities: Desert Scrub, Interior Chaparral, Semidesert Grasslands, Pinyon Juniper Woodland, Riparian, Disturbed Areas
Elevation: Below 6000 feet

Similar Species: Aristida parishii

General Description

Desc: A fine-leaved short to long-lived annual, extremely variable in size, 3 to 30 inches tall, depending largely on available moisture. The several stems are attached at the base of the plant and are usually wide spreading. Seedheads are long and narrow.
Identification notes: Annual, often much branched at the base; seedhead narrow; three awns, awn 1/2 to 3/4 inch long, flattened at the base. Lateral awns somewhat shorter than the central one. Lemma not articulate (jointed) with the base of the awn.
Grass Type: Annual  Rhizomes: N  Stolons: N
Large Dense Clump (> 2 feet): N  Bushy (highly branched): N
Height with Seedheads: 12 to 24 inches
Seedhead Structure: Branched - contracted  Seedhead Droops: N
Flowering Period: Apr - Oct

Flower Characteristics

Number of Flowers per Spikelet: One-flowered  Spikelets One-sided: N
Awns: 1/4 inch to 1 inch   Three Awns: Y  Awns Bent: Y

Flower and Seedhead Notes: Seedhead stems often highly branched. Seedheads long and narrow, consisting of many slender branches, erect against the central stem. Spikelets crowded. Three 1/2 inch-long awns diverge from the apex of the elongated lemma. Lateral awns somewhat shorter.

Vegetative Characteristics

Blade Hairy: N  Blade with White Margin: N  Blade Cross Section: Flat or involute  
Blade Notes: Blades 3/4 to 6 inches long, <1/8 inch wide, flat to inward rolled. Glandular hairs at base of blades.
Sheath Hairy: N  Tuft of Hairs Top of Sheath or Collar: Y  Ligules: Hairy
Auricles (Ear-like lobes at base of blades): N
Vegetative Notes: Sheaths shorter than the internodes, not disintegrating into threadlike fibers; ligules <1/16 inch. Collar has hairy margin.

Forage Value: Poor. Palatability is low.

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