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Plant - summer
Pioneer Park
Sue Smith
Yavapai County Native & Naturalized Plants

Eragrostis cilianensis - stinkgrass

Synonyms: Eragrostis major, Eragrostis megastachya, Poa cilianensis

Other Common Names: stinking lovegrass, candy grass, stink grass, strong scented lovegrass

Plant Form:Grass

Family: Poaceae

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Plant image
Plant - summer

Pioneer Park Sue Smith
Plant image

Pioneer Park Sue Smith
Plant image

Pioneer Park Sue Smith
Plant image

Pioneer Park Sue Smith
Plant image

Pioneer Park Sue Smith
Plant image

Pioneer Park Sue Smith
  Grass Description -   Glossary of Grass Terminology

Origin: Introduced    Season: Warm
Habitat Description: Grows in disturbed sites such as cultivated ground, cracks in pavement and roadsides.
Plant Communities: Disturbed Areas
Elevation: Below 7500 feet

General Description

Desc: Plants are highly variable in size; often under 12 inches; few to many seedheads. Stems may be erect or briefly trail along ground before arising; may branch at base and above. Strong smelling when fresh. Ring of glands below the nodes.
Identification notes: Annual; strong smelling when fresh; largest spikelettes less than 1/16 inch wide; keels of lemmas more or less glandular but the glands often obscure. Spikelets many-flowered, 10 to 40.
Grass Type: Annual  Rhizomes: N  Stolons: N
Large Dense Clump (> 2 feet): N  Bushy (highly branched): N
Height with Seedheads: 12 to 24 inches
Seedhead Structure: Branched - open and spreading  Seedhead Droops: N
Flowering Period: Jun - Oct

Flower Characteristics

Number of Flowers per Spikelet: Multi-flowered  Spikelets One-sided: N
Awns: Absent   Three Awns: N  Awns Bent: N

Flower and Seedhead Notes: Seedheads are ovoid or oblong, densely flowered, condensed to open. Lemmas 3-nerved.

Vegetative Characteristics

Blade Hairy: Y  Blade with White Margin: N  Blade Cross Section: Flat or involute  
Blade Notes: Blades 2 to 8 inches long, 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide, flat to involute, top surfaces smooth without hairs, sometimes glandular, occasionally also hairy.
Sheath Hairy: N  Tuft of Hairs Top of Sheath or Collar: Y  Ligules: Hairy
Auricles (Ear-like lobes at base of blades): N
Vegetative Notes: Sheaths without hairs, occasionally glandular, collar hairy, hairs to 1/4 inch; ligules < 1/16 inch, hairy.

Forage Value: Not Available.

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