ABE Advisory Council

ABE Advisory Council

The ABE Advisory Council was established in 1995 to provide advice and guidance to the ABE faculty and students on industry activities and developments, technology, research and extension needs, and professional engineering requirements.  The 15-member Council has representatives from alumni, industry, and government agencies. There are also representatives from the ABE faculty and undergraduate and graduate students. They meet 1-2 times a year with the ABE faculty and students.


Although the faculty adopted and approved the by-laws for the ABE Advisory Council in 1993, the first meeting wasn’t held until October 20, 1995, when the actual council was formed, officers were elected, and by-laws approved.  One of the underlying reasons for establishing the council was to give the Department a “voice” through our constituents as represented by the council.  More than once, the council has come to our aide when things looked tough and budget cuts threatened our existence.  They also “lobbied” for some faculty positions.  

Howard Wuertz was the first president and was an effective spokesperson with the Dean and others.  He went on to get an Honorary Doctorate from UA (Howard graduated from Ag. Engineering about 1950… before we had an accredited engineering program so his degree was from the College of Agriculture).  Mr. Wuertz represented the farming/ranching industry on the council, gave us a voice in many places, (e.g. the Legislature, the Arizona Agri-Business Council, the Dean’s Ag-100 Council, the Board of Regents, etc.).  We cannot legally lobby the legislature, so it is helpful if one or more of our ABE Advisory Council members do.


ABE Advisory Council, Fall 2015

Acker, Loren lorenwingedfoot@aol.com Biomedical
Cairo, George gcairo@gcairoinc.com Water Resources
Cho, Soohee chos@email.arizona.edu ABE Graduate Student
Diaz, Crystal crystal.diaz@ventana.roche.com Medical/Biomedical
Hanno, Ashley ahanno@email.arizona.edu ABE Undergraduate Student / COE Ambassador
Kacira, Murat mkacira@cals.arizona.edu ABE Faculty
Kazz, Mike mkazz@zelenenvironmental.com Environmental Engineer
Kostrzewski, Mike michael.kostrzewski@wwm.pima.gov Local Government Wastewater
Morton, Ty Ty.Morton@hdrinc.com  Water Resources / Environment
Pokrzywka, Steve (chair) steve.pokrzywka@srpmic-nsn.gov Indian Tribes / Water
Replogle, John reploglearizona@cox.net USDA-ARS Water
Sabeh, Nadia nsabeh@gb-eng.com Consulting
Thorp, Kelly Kelly.Thorp@ARS.USDA.GOV USDA-Remote Sensing