Current Research Focus of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

ABE research is developing sustaining systems that create resiliency in society, the envrionment, and the economy.  We apply engineering principles to living systems including plants, microbes, animals, and the environment.  Equipped with a diverse skill-set including proficiencies in engineering, life science, and data science, the systems we develop improve the world and advance the technologies neccessary to feed an increasing global population.  Our setting in Tucson, Arizona, allows us to focus on the challeneges arid lands face with regard to food, water and energy demands during a time of a changing climate.

ABE faculty collaborate with researchers across the UA, at other institutions and research laboratories, and with industry.  Research facilities are available at a variety of locations on the main campus, at the Campus Agricultural Center and at the Environmental Research Laboratory in Tucson; at the Maricopa Agricultural Center; and at the Yuma Agricultural Center.


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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Water Resources

Biometry and Biosystems Informatics

Food, Bioproducts, and Renewable Energy