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History Timeline

At the turn of the 20th century, the land on Beaver Creek that was to become the original winter headquarters of the V Bar V Ranch, was settled by Benjamin Franklin Taylor and his wife, Florence Newman Taylor. Ben Taylor's cattle were branded with the "100" brand, and the ranch became known as the "100 Place."

In 1908, Ben Taylor sold his rights to William H. Dickison. In 1917, the William H. and Dora Dickison sold the ranch to William G. and Frank L. Dickinson.

In the late 1920's, the ranchers began to fence off their separate allotments. Rather than participating in a "Roundup Association," as they had before, every rancher began to take charge of his own roundup, branding, and marketing. The smaller cow outfits began to sell out to new owners or to other ranchers. Several small ones would be combined, making larger "spreads" than before.

In 1927, James and Ida May Swift Minotto (of the Swift Meat Packing family), along with partners, C.C. "Whitey" Montgomery and Omer Maxwell, bought the 100 Place and a number of other small holdings, and formed the V Bar V Cattle Company. Outfits purchased included those of Giles Goswick, Samuel "Bud" Bristow, Albert Fain, Noah "Daddy Pa" Clayton, and A.W. Bradford.

In 1932 and 1933, there was a severe drought. Cattle prices were very low and the federal government was buying cattle to keep the industry afloat. Count James Minotto decided to enter the political arena, first as a state senator, and later as Ambassador to Bolivia.

In November 1933, the Minottos sold the ranch to Marcus J. Lawrence. At the time he bought the V Bar V, Lawrence brought Bruce Brockett in as a working partner.


In 1938, when Marcus J. Lawrence died, Bruce Brockett acquired full interest in the V Bar V Ranch.

In 1960, Bill and Shirley Sullivan became part owners of the ranch. Bill, Mrs. Brockett's nephew, had come to Arizona at the end of World War II to help with the Ranch.

In 1971, Bruce Brockett died, and Bill and Shirley Sullivan assumed management of the V Bar V Ranch until Bill's untimely death in 1984. Following Bill Sullivan's death, Shirley Sullivan and her daughter Kelley managed the ranch until 1985.

In 1985, the ranch was sold to Ben and Betsy Zink.

In 1995, The University of Arizona College of Agriculture acquired the ranch from Ben and Betsy Zink.

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