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Arizona Agricultural
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V Bar V Ranch
4005 N. Forest Road 618
Rimrock, AZ 86335
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Mahan Park
Cedar Flats
Ranch Headquarters



Transecting the Mogollon Rim, the V Bar V Ranch grazing allotment runs about 30 miles east from Camp Verde and varies between four and five miles in width. Slightly more than forty acres is private land, with the remainder held under lease from the U.S. Forest Service. Elevations range from 3200 to 7000 feet which has allowed the University of Arizona College of Agriculture to expand its experiment station network to include higher elevation ecosystems. In addition to 550 cattle, the ranch is also a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, ranging from mammals, birds and fish to reptiles and amphibians. Vegetation zones, including high desert chaparral, pinyon-juniper woodland, and pine forest, are typical of those found on most of the commercial ranches in central and northern Arizona.

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