Bruce Beattie

Professor; Ph.D., Oregon State University, 1970; Production Economics

Teaching and Research Interests

Bruce Beattie joined the faculty in 1990 as professor and head of department. He has held faculty positions at the University of Kentucky, Iowa State, Texas A&M, and Montana State University (including head of department). Teaching interests include production economics, intermediate microeconomics, and principles of microeconomics. Research interest area is production and agricultural economics. Current research/writing projects include “Stone-Geary Technology and Crop Response toApplied Nitrogen and Irrigation Water” (with Aradhyula) and a possible 3rd edition of The Economics of Production (with Taylor and Watts).

Curriculum Vitae

Awards and Honors

Fellow, American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)
President, AAEA
President, Western Agricultural Economics Association (WAEA)
President, National Association of Agricultural Economics Administrators
Associate Editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics
Society of Centennial Alumni (100 most distinguished graduates), Montana State University
Award for Professional Excellence (extension program), WAEA
Award for Professional Excellence (published research), WAEA
Award for Professional Excellence (published research), AAEA

Classes Taught

INDV 103, Role of Markets and Incentives
AREC 304, Intermediate Production and Consumption Analysis
AREC 404, Production Economics Analysis
AREC 464, Economics of Policy Analysis
AREC 504, Production Economics

Selected Publications

Beattie, Bruce R. and S. Aradhyula. (2015). “A Note on Threshold Factor Level(s) and Stone-Geary Technology.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 47(4):482–493.

Watts, Myles J., J. Atwood, and B.R. Beattie. (2015). “Water Degredation Implications When Whole-Farm Irrigation Water Is Binding.” Water Resources and Economics 9:3–22.

Beattie, Bruce R. (2011). Readings in Production and Consumption Economics: Collected Papers of B.R. Beattie and Friends. Tucson: Department of Agricultural and Resource  Economics, University of Arizona. 85 pp.

Beattie, Bruce R., C.R. Taylor, and M.J. Watts. (2009). The Economics of Production, second edition. Malabar, FL: Krieger Publishing.

Beattie, Bruce R. (2006). On Doing More with Less and Other Messages for University Administrators: Collected Papers of a Former Insider. Tucson: Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Arizona. 101 pp.

Beattie, Bruce R. and J.T. LaFrance. (2006). “The Law of Demand Versus Diminishing Marginal Utility.” Review of Agricultural Economics 28(2):263–271.

Beattie, Bruce R., J.R. Mortensen, and L. Knudsen. (December 2004). “The Flexible Cubic Polynomial and Plateau Production Functions.” Journal of Agricultural Economics 191(4):55–64.

Beattie, Bruce R., M.T. Holt, and M.J. Watts. (Spring/Summer 2002). “On the Function Coefficient, Euler’s Theorem, and Homogeneity in Production Theory.” Review of Agricultural Economics 24(1):240–249.

Beattie, Bruce R. (2001). “The ‘Disappearance’ of Agricultural Land: Fact or Fiction?” In: Agriculture and the Environment: Searching for Greener Pastures, T.L. Anderson and B. Yandle, eds. Stanford: Hoover Press.

Beattie, Bruce R. and D.R. Biggerstaff. (1999). “Karnal Bunt: A Wimp of a Disease…But an Irresistible Political Opportunity.” Choices 14(2):4–8.