Roger Dahlgran

Associate Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1980; Applied Econometrics and Agricultural Markets
Associate Professor Emeritus

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Dahlgran joined the faculty at The University of Arizona in 1985. His fields of major interest include econometric modeling of agricultural markets, the detection of structural change in these markets, and modeling interrelationships between cash and futures markets. He currently teaches courses on applied econometrics and the economics of futures markets and has received awards and recognition for his development and use of futures trading simulation software and multimedia-based presentation materials. He has taught economic forecasting short courses in Jamaica and Sudan. He is currently active in faculty governance at the university level.

Recent research has focused on measuring market interconnectedness for commodity and futures markets, methods of valuing contractually supplied inputs, the dynamics of futures-market price behavior, and evaluating the effectiveness of innovations used in teaching agricultural economics concepts.

Curriculum Vitae

Awards and Honors

University of Arizona Faculty Fellow
Faculty Teaching Award, CALS, University of Arizona
Teaching Award of Merit, National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

Classes Taught

AREC 313, Economics of Futures Market
ECON 518, Introduction to Econometrics

Selected Publications

Dahlgran, Roger A. "Online Homework for Agricultural Economics Instruction: Frankenstein's Monster or Robo TA?." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics Forthcoming April 2008.

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Dahlgran, Roger A., "Cross-Hedging the Cottonseed Crush: A Case Study." Agribusiness: An International Journal 16(Mar 2000):141-158.

Dahlgran, Roger A., Dennis D. DiPietre, and Rick Tubbs. "Imputing Values for Directly- or Contractually-Transferred Feeder Pigs." Review of Agricultural Economics 18(Sept 1996)423-36.

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