EWRE Fall 2015 Outstanding Student

Joel Rose, has earned the AREC outstanding senior award in the Environmental & Water Resource Economics (EWRE) major and he has also earned the Honors College Dean's Award of Excellence.  Mr. Rose's passion for water and environmental policy led him to his research for his senior thesis "Tucson’s Water Future: Through CAP Recharge and Water Banking" he learned about the laws, policy, agreements, and politics that surround Arizona’s water lifeline.  And in his Honors Thesis “Institutional Management of Rural Water System: The Case of Namibia” he furthered his understanding of how developing nations improve and expand their institutions, laws, and policies. In fact, he raised $11,800 in scholarships, including winning the Gilman International Scholarship, to travel to Namibia to put “boots on the ground” and gather valuable research to support his thesis.  Mr. Rose has steadily maintained his goal to study water law and environmental law in order to be an effective administrator and be able to enter the craft of conflict resolution to help create solutions to water and environmental issues.  In December 2015, Mr. Rose will complete his undergraduate degree and will go on to UA's James E. Rogers College of Law to pursue a Master of Legal Studies degree.  Through his unlimited will, strength, and determination he has diligently worked to overcome adversity, and not just graduate, but graduate Summa Cum Laude.  AREC applauds his determination and congratulates him on his awards.