Anna Josephson

Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Purdue University, 2017; Economic Development
(520) 621-6258
Assistant Professor

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Josephson’s core research focuses on households in developing countries, working on issues of decision-making, agriculture, and gender. Her work investigates how agricultural and rural households make decisions and ensure food security under challenging conditions.

She also studies the process of economic research, including instructional pedagogy, ethics in research, and gender in the profession.

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Selected Publications

Slade, P., J.D. Michler, and A. Josephson. (2019). “Foreign Geographical Indications, Consumer Preferences, and the Domestic Market for Cheese.Applied Economics Policy and Perspectives 41(3):370–390.

Josephson, A., L. DeBoer, D. Nelson, and A. Zissimpopoulos. (2019). “Learning to Do: Facilitating Practice in a Large Introductory Macroeconomics Class.Journal of Economics Education 50(2):142–156.

Josephson, A. (2019). “Normalizing ‘Failure’ in the Research Process: Review of Failing in the Field: What We Can Learn When Field Research Goes Wrong by Dean Karlan and Jacob Appell.Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 63(3):674–676.

Josephson, A. and J.D. Michler. (2018). “Beasts in the Field? Ethics in Agricultural and Applied Economics.” Food Policy (August 2018) 79:1–11.

Michler, J.D. and A. Josephson. (2017). “To Specialize or Diversify: Agricultural Diversity and Poverty Dynamics in Ethiopia.” World Development 89:214–226.

Josephson, A.L., J. Ricker-Gilbert, R.J.G.M. Florax. (2014). “How Does Population Density Influence Agricultural Intensification and Productivity?: Evidence from Ethiopia.” Food Policy 48 (2014):142–152.