Anna Josephson

Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Purdue University, 2017; Economic Development
(520) 621-6258
Assistant Professor

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Josephson’s core research focuses on households in the Global South, working on issues of gender, agriculture, and health. She also studies entrepreneurship and small business disaster resilience, following Hurricane Katrina. These two strands of study are tied together through the focus on how stakeholders, whether they be rural households in the developing world or small businesses in North America, mitigate risk, cope with realized crises, and thrive under challenging conditions.

Dr. Josephson also studies instructional pedagogy, including active learning techniques and peer-to-peer evaluation. She researches these methods and their impacts on student learning, for best use in the economics classroom environment.

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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

Josephson, A. and J.D. Michler, (2018). “Beasts in the Field? Ethics in Agricultural and Applied Economics.” Food Policy (August 2018) 79:1–11.

Josephson, A., H. Schrank, and M.I. Marshall, (2017). “Assessing Preparedness of Small Businesses for Hurricane Disasters: Analysis of Pre-disaster Owner, Business and Location Characteristics.” International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 23 (August 2017):25–35.

Michler, J.D. and A. Josephson, (2017). “To Specialize or Diversify: Agricultural Diversity and Poverty Dynamics in Ethiopia.” World Development 89:214–226.

Josephson, A. and M.I. Marshall, (2016). “The Demand for Post-Katrina Disaster Aid: SBA Disaster Loans and Small Businesses in Mississippi.” Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 24 (4):264–274.

Josephson, A.L., J. Ricker-Gilbert, R.J.G.M. Florax, (2014).“ How Does Population Density Influence Agricultural Intensification and Productivity?: Evidence from Ethiopia.” Food Policy 48 (2014):142–152.